Have never grown even a tomato before HaHa


Ok to anyone who would like a read through. Tomorrow will be week 7 starting, and I know. Don’t get caught up in the exact weeks, but I have to keep some sort of tracking somehow lol. My trichs will tell me, but this way, I’ll have a rough estimate. They got their 2 gallons, so now I have another 3 to 4 days. To decide how I’m going to proceed with their feeding schedule. I’m pretty sure, I’m just going to go molasses from here on out. Let the feeds rinse the soil out over the next two weeks before harvest. Pulled another half dozen leaves out from under the plants tonight. It’s to be expected for sure. Buds are getting fatter, so that nice.


I like this photo a lot!


This is one of those questions if you ask a dozen growers you’ll get a dozen answers. You’ve researched enough that I’m sure you’ve found one way that appeals more than others?


Yeah mate, and I hate that I might offend someone. I don’t want someone getting pissed off. Cause they think some new grower is just not listening lol. That’s not what I’m about. I’m just trying to listening to what my gut tells me. Based off the research I’ve done. One thing g that made me stop asking g for advice for so long, and just go off my gut. Was that, every person’s answer to anyone’s problem I would read about was to flush the plant haha. To me, it reminded me of when I was in the Marines, and they would throw 800mg ibuprofen at you for everything haha. I don’t know, if I’m going to learn this well, and develop my own habits and techniques, I’m going to have to learn somehow. Just not trying to ruffle other people feathers along the way.


Hahaha good to hear the marines are the same as the army on that lol. But you won’t make anyone upset. Not here. If people see you doing something they are pretty sure is gonna harm you they’ll tell you and usually explain why. If you continue after that they just carry on down the road. That’s one of the many amazing things I’ve seen here. Not like other forums.


When I first started growing, I had someone ask me the technical questions. I answered him back in a few replies. He didn’t see the main one, and replied back something shitty. I went off on him and decided I was done with asking for help. It was the first time I asked for help to. With all the mental health issues I have, and the pain ones. Something sets me off, and I’m shaking back in forth in anxiety and anger! Having a fucking meltdown lol. Oh well, another month, I’ll have hopefully, plenty of medicinal cannabis to last me a while, fingers crossed!


I’ve seen a few people get grumpy but usually they just move on. Bound to be someone having a bad day at the wrong time occasionally.


Lol, yeah that is always a possibility. I just got pissed off. Cause my question started off my post with the lowdown of my setup and problem, and the guy just replied back with. I didn’t read anything you wrote, but this, this, and this. Let me know this, blah blah blah.


Lol I can see that as frustrating. Some people spend a lot of time going thread to thread trying to help as many as possible in a short span. And doing so they miss stuff. I try to read every recent post daily. Some days it’s easier than others. And some days I miss posts. And sometimes recently I don’t get notifications until several hours later.

Sorry I’m rambling. Lol high posting equals long winded replies lol


No worries mate not rambling at all. Just came out to enjoy a little bud before bed myself. At least try to sleep if I can.


I hear that. I’m praying I go out and take a few more puffs right before bed and I’ll get a few decent hours tonight. Just waiting on the wife’s movie to end before calling it a night.


Mine is already in bed. The dogs are waiting for me. It’s fucking cold though right now. I ant some hand warmers.


Hahah yeah it has dropped fast here. Was like 28 degrees this morning. Like wtf why can’t we have fall weather instead of summer straight to winter lol. Finally had to turn the heat on in the house.


Quick question and I’m off to bed. I think I know how I’m going to dry, but want to ask you. I wanted to clean the roots with my knife and hang the whole plants intact? I’ve read about it and find it interesting. Practiced on weeds in the years lol


You can do that. Some people say you want to cut off the roots so it doesn’t feed anything back into the plant by gravity. But really if you’re flushing like you plan there won’t be anything left. If you can get a hose and wash them down good so you don’t end up with dirt falling down onto the buds. And it’ll dry slower that way.


I read it slightly different. Gravity might make any hormones feed the flowers residual hormones I want for the medicinal use? Did I get it backwards, shit? I’ll need checkup on it again. I have not wanted to get ahead of myself, so only today really. Started to think about it since germination began.


I landed on cleaning the roots well


It’s good to have a plan. I’ve heard it both ways. One that it hurts like I said. The other that it grows a few more days like you said. So it’s a toss up.


I see what you mean. At the least the backup. Was the just harvest her main stems to hang up in tent by the railings I’ll have when the light is removed.


So far I like having the humidifier in the room. I’m sitting at 27c and 40% humidity in the tent, so not to bad.