Have my girls turned hermi?

Hey guys,
So my first grow went pretty well except one of the plants turned hermi late in the flower cycle and I ended up with some seeds. Otherwise that grow went pretty well. Now on my second grow which has had trouble from the beginning with issues that looked like magnesium problems but in retrospect may have started with transplant shock. Long story short, they are in the third week of flower and I’m worried I stressed them to the point they turned on me again. Sorry if this is a total newb question, but is this a hermi or just female? Thanks in advance.

I only see female. If you are talking about the swollen calyx with hairs commING out of it, that’s normal as long as it has the pistols you are good


That is the part I was uncertain about. I’m a little gun shy since it happened to me last time. Thanks.

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Is your current grow the result of the seeds from your first grow? If it is just keep a close eye on the females as the plants will also have a tendancy to throw out some male pollen as well.The plants look very healthy.

Looks good to me. To bad you didn’t take a pic. and post it before cutting it off.

It does like nice and healthy. Like already mentioned it’s unfortunate we couldn’t help before you snipped. We’ve all been there, don’t stress it too much. I’m sure she’ll bounce back :sunglasses:

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