Have Jiffy greenhouse, waiting for seeds

I am a outside disabled beginner and thus on a budget. Live in Florida.
Have used old seeds from “product” and planted seeds in cow manure & peat moss in small pots until they grew. Then transplanted them into 5 gallon bucket with top soil/manure/sand with red rocks in bottom and 5-6 punched holes…Used tomato plant food. Had pretty good success
Spent top dollar for Super Skunk and am looking forward to getting them and want to get all I can from them. Am wanting a “great” success.

Would like help on the germination and grow,.but on a budget. Have the jiffy greenhouse, Have also purchased Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula - Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom. Any help would be appreciated.

This us the first time I used the jiffy. Last time I just germinated and dropped into a solo cup. So far I’m liking the jiffy. This one broke ground yesterday evening.

Last time I used the paper towel method to germinate. This time I dropped a seed in a shot glass with distilled water and 2 drops of hydrogen peroxide. Dropping it in water popped the seed a day faster but both methods were successful

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