Have I started my outdoor plants to early?

I started my outdoor regular seeds on march 18th . My plan is to grow these up til its warm then move them outside. I have them on 18/6 light schedule . My question is will my plants re-veg when i move them outside?


That would depend on when you put them out and your daylight hours.
I’ve got my outdoor going now since 25 days.
I put them out around the first to middle of June usually when daylight is closer to the 15+ hr mark here.
Check the sun up /sundown times for your area and go from there.


In the northeast I plant around the 20TH of May the days are long enough by then. I use 1 gallon nursery bags so my plants are good size.


If they’re a month old and under an 18/6 light cycle, technically they should still be in veg. If they went into flower, and you need to Revedge them, more than likely they are autoflowers. The only thing you should need to do is possibly harden them off before you put them out permanently.


If they are NOT autoflower seeds and have been under 18/6 light schedule then they should not be in flower to be able to re-veg so you should have no issues.


Ok thanks man . Now i gotta do my research.


Are they just showing a few pistils or are they forming buttons in full flower? It’s not uncommon for sexually mature plants to show pistils early.

Here’s a tip for growing outdoor. Don’t start your plants on 18 hrs of light.Start them on 14. Set your lights to the amount of light that is shown for the date you plan to set your plants out. So if you plan on setting out plants in my area on 4/20 you would have about 13 hrs and 10 minutes of daylight, Don’t set them out untill you have more than 13 and preferably closer to 14 hrs of light a day or they will go into flower if they are sexually mature or over 30 days old with Indica Strains.

Many Sativa’s don’t seem to do this as I’ve planted some pure Sativa’s in March outdoor with no issues. Just the Indica or mostly Indica.

Ok i got them set to 16/8 . How do i go about getting my schedule to 14/10 . Do i change the hours slowly or just all at one time?

Im want to go from 16 hrs of light to 14

It could trigger flowering. I would simply leave them alone and wait till mid May to set them outside. By then you should have enough light to set them outside.

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When you put them out if you get a few pistils no problem. They will grow right thru that. But if they actually start forming buds and staggering growth to unparalleled nodes, I usually just hack the plant back to the veg growth line. It will remove the flowering hormones from the top. If you don’t the plants can stall for 8 weeks like a real monster crop reveg. Then the are messed up on their sun cues like solstice and wanting sun towards fall equinox. Just the drop off in light will make many indicas flower well above 15 hours if done incrementally like the sun…. Not to go tangent here.

They will not skip a beat and start to blow up growth. You are not wasting the advantage of the early start because the plant will have a large root mass. This mass can support lots of fast new veg growth. The hack back is counter intuitive, but it makes the plants reset and go right into veg. Outdoor grower 17 years around seattle and this method works every time I get a spring flower.

@2GreenThumbs, I fully concur that the sativas won’t spring flower at 14 hours, but most indica and hybrids will flower at 14.5 hours. So I have found anyway tracking my outdoor grow (log) impeccably for 17 years. It is my interpretation that we default indoor to 12 hours “standard” to include outliers and sativas. At the equator the nights are never shorter than 12 is a reason too. It is not a problem on youngish seedlings because they are not sexually mature yet to flower (under 12”). But keeper clones or mature older seeded starts will flower on you at 14. For sure.:point_left:. Not a problem if you have the will to do the hack attack to the spring buds.


@Hodo420 G’day mate if warm spring temps they might keep vegging but if autum or coming winter flower for sure. but you can always flip for 12/12 for a few weeks get the stretch out the way then put outdoors to finish florwering. :slight_smile: