Have i messed up already?

14 seeds - wacked up in a glass of slightly warm water to let them drop to the bottom (took 5 hours and they all did)
My only concern is… I made the water 5.8 - as its best for growing… but I am realising not for seeds.
They have now been rolled in great white powder and are in tissue on a heating mat
I did get PH -7 exactly and drenched the tissue this morning… but it means they where in 5.8 for about 12 -14 hours.
Any info highly appreciated, hope I didn’t F it already.

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Hey @McLovin777 hows it going?

I’m not sure the seed soak pH is all that critical. You want to do a couple of things though.

The tissue needs to be damp or moist, not drenched and the seeds in tissue aren’t directly on the heating mat? They need to be in the dark like between two plates then on top of the mat at 81 ish degrees. Might be nice to set a thermometer right with them to check the temps.

pH of 5.8 is for soil less growing
pH of 6.7 is for growing in soil

Hope this helps?

Also why don’t you start a grow journal so we can follow along and we know where to find you. It’s a lot easier then starting a new topic every time.

Take care and no worries!


Hi bob, I have now dabbed the paper towels to get extra moisture up, which are in trays over the heat matt (super low wattage)
thermometer is saying 18.2 C in - 15.3 C out - but its in the same room so not sure what that means exactly.
they have been exposed to a normal house light for a few hours - 3 - 6 hours, not directly in front though.
So il pop the domes on and move it in to a totally dark room :slight_smile:
anything else? (I will be growing in dwc - that’s why I got confused.
thanks for the advice man, I was hoping never to post pictures online but its seems like I may have to if I want solid advice. I’ll make that journal.

thanks again


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you don’t have to post pictures, though sometimes it is hard for folks to visualize what we are saying and a picture can make all of the difference.

dark, warm moist and your seeds will be fine. If you are going soil less then I’m not sure about the pH of the soak and moist pH would be all that critical. Chlorine in the water would probably be more of a concern to me!

So what I would do if you are concerned about your pics is to take a picture, locate it on your device and take a look at the properties that are included with your pictures. I believe you can also remove all of the geo-tagging and such prior to uploading… also I think the ILGM forum does that as well. Find any pic on here. Download it and look at the properties. I haven’t seen one yet that contained any info on the poster.

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I’m sure these guys take our safety seriously. I will talk to some support guys just to make sure. Thanks for the advice bobby boy, really appreciate it. You can imagine my horror thinking my babies where being melted by acidic water…

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there gonna be fine. They need dark, warm, moist and air, so open that baby up occasionally and get some fresh air in there to the seeds and they will be awesome!

I think @latewood would most likely have the answer on the picture geo tags.

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I’m with @bob31 ph of water for soak is not important
I don’t even think about it myself @McLovin777

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Ahh I’m sure someone thinks about you bro, don’t be sad :slight_smile: haaha

Lol should proof read before i hit reply I fixed not to confuse anyone

You be fine, no worries, the soaking does not matter, it is just to loosen the shell, follow the guys instructions and you be golden…:slight_smile:

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ITS A MIRICLE! TAP ROOTS! TAP ROOTS EVERYWHERE! :smiley: Such a beautiful thing.


Get ready for a fun little adventure!!! :wink:


Life usually finds its way…enjoy !!


In read to security/safety. All pictures on the internet can be found if someone is “looking” for them. Most of the time, and if you have shared your grow with no one; You are secure.

If you are really worried. Do not post in real time. Wait until grow is over and then share. If you are having issues; You either need to pony up a picture or suffer through endless guessing and sometimes, uninformed answers.

If you are really really worried and/or need to post an image for support reasons; Research by a web search "how to remove the “meta tags” on my images. Removing the meta tags will remove your time, date, and camera info from the code in the image.


Also look into your camera settings I’d using a smart phone and disable the geographic tagging


I think i know how to already - thank for the info man.
I am not hugely worried, but its always good to look at every possible angle of being abused sexually in prison! (lol)