Have I lost this?

This has happened over the last few days, until then it’s been looking female.

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Sorry, that’s definitely a male.

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Thanks, I am so gutted, it’s huge. So apart from getting it out ASAP, I have 1 much smaller plant, is there anything I should do to it? @Brobdab

Spray everything down with water in case any pollen was releases

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Males always grow faster/bigger

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@Budz I will remember that for next year. Thank you

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Bigger is miss leading. My bad. Faster and taller. They don’t bush out as much as female either. But if you have one taller than the rest and last to show sex. Male. Females mature faster but grow slower. A lot like humans. Lol.


Male plant with lots of pollen sacs. Carefully Slide a trash bag down over plant and remove. Good luck welcome to the community.


Just curious if your seeds were from bag seed? Just recently found out a feminized seed could turn out to be male.

Yes. But the chances are extremely low. 99/100 times you think you got a male from a fem seed it’s a herm. Since all feminized seeds are a million times more likely to herm than regular seed. 50% of their dna is herm…

@Freebud yes it was a bag seed. :pensive: thankfully my second plant appears to be fine.

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