Have I lollipopped enough?


G’day all hoping to get some advice. My first grow, giving lollypopping a go but not sure how much to take off. Read that taking off the main leaves isn’t good? Any advice would be mint. Cheers


Your fan leaves feed her. I would leave her alone. All that needs to be removed are lower branches that will be unable to produce.


I’d leave it alone too


Yea thought so laurap and sasquatch!
Thanks!Would you know what strain it is by looking at her? I got given the seeds and lost contact with him. No big deal though as it smells great lol


Lollipopping has to do with removing the lower growth on the stalk
And maintaining a clean stalk so it looks like a lollipop stick
Can you get a picture ofvthe whole plant


Yea thanks mate, here u go


If you’re growing outside, I’d leave it be. With the sun moving from east to west, your plant will receive more light than if inside under one stationary light. Plant looks good BTW


Lollipoping is only necessary when growing indoors… :wink:

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Thanks mate! Good to hear all this advice! I can see these balls would this be seeds?


No… those are just swollen calix’s… nothing to worry about … :wink:

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Oh cool!! I love watching her grow! They are a awsum plant! Thanks @peachfuzz


Anytime my friend… :wink:

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Just an update. Anyone know when I should harvest? Going away for 4 days. I’ll set up a drip system. I think she should be ok but other thoughts would be welcome :slight_smile: @peachfuzz



You still have a lot of white pistols, so she will still bulk up a bit. At least 2 weeks left


I agree with @Nug-bug


I agree with both of them as well… needs more time… :wink:

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That makes it unanimous haha!

Do you know how long your plant has been flowering? This can be of help when closing in on harvest. Also; the best way to determine whether your plant is ready is to use a loupe and examine the trichomes. The last few weeks before harvest are the best for bulking up your plant’s buds so you don’t want to miss that. IMO you have several weeks yet.

To answer lollipopping a bit more fully: it’s best to keep all leaves on the plant for sugar production as this is how the plant acquires the means to produce flowers. The only times one would want to do this is if the plant’s health is at risk (high humidity and mold for example) or to remove dead leaf material. The one exception is just prior to harvest many growers will remove the bulk of the fan leaves to concentrate that last little bit of effort towards flowers, but this is done a week or so before harvest.

Your plant looks happy and healthy.


@Nug-bug @Countryboyjvd1971 @peachfuzz @Myfriendis410 hey thanks for the advice! Really helpful comments and I appreciate it heaps! This group rocks and I enjoy seeing all other posts and different advice given out! My first grow is turning out sweet so far, I’ll keep updating the progress :call_me_hand:t2::beer: cheers


Keep us updated :wink: