Have I got nute burn?

I’m a first time grow and I’m using MG potting soil with moisture control. unfortunately I got in a rush and didn’t do enough research on my choice of soil. It’s a 21-11-16 mix and has time release ( huge mistake I know) I’m growing amnesia haze and gold leaf. My plants have been growing very well until now. They’re still getting taller but showing signs of problems. I’m at week 9 from seed and my AH is showing some wrinkles in a few fan leaves and my GL has got some lower leaves showing brown spots. Ph level at 6.5 and I’ve checked for spider mites. Any advice?

The AH wrinkling

GL Brown spots

For some reason I’m not seeing all your pics, like an upload error, but from the one picture appears to have signs of iron uptake issues, but could be issues with many othere sources, along with pH. The othere picture I see smacks of Phosphorus uptake issues, but again, information is key in diagnostics. I recommend trying to re-upload pictures and filling out a support ticket.

@Aquaponic_Dumme thanks for taking the time to reply. I see what your saying they’re a couple are not showing up for me either. I’ll try a support ticket. Very new to this part too. Thanks again

the top issue could be your light - but you do have a light green grow in 3rd picture. Are you using cal-mag? Nutrients used? Your plant do not look that bad - remember once you see an issue you are all ready two weeks behind in fixing it- when in doubt - Flush plant for at least 3-4 days

@steve2 no haven’t used any cal-mag. I have a feeling that’s the trouble too. I got this on a support ticket and a lab member feels that may be the trouble too. I moved my lights up and fed more water and the leaves seem to be coming out of it. So yeah I got a feeling they were just to close and a little dehydrated. thanks!

Just go with it - unless you want to change the soil - It might come out of it and remember when cultivating outside your enviromental / mother nature really can influence your plant Sorry I could give a direct answer - but the more I think of it it’s enviromental