Have I got a hermi or am I paranoid?

I was in my tent after lunch today, doing what I normally do and giving my girls some love. We are now on our first day of week 3 of flowering. Well apart from the little buggers flying around at the bases of the plants and als something chewing my leaves. While investigating the plants and looking for critters I found a couple of suspicious branches. I’m not sure if I’m just paranoid or if I have a hermi on my hands. I will attach some photos one at a time as there is a few so bare with me and I will upload them all one by one so you can all have a look and tell me what ta think. There will be about 10 photos all up. Thanks for ya help. :sunglasses:

Yup, those pouch or kind of melon looking things are male flowers,

So are a these photos telling you it’s turning male on me or am I paranoid and they are just new leaves on the flowers shooting up?? This particular plant I don’t know the strain and it’s just from a random seed I found in my old mates weed. Only one I ever found in it. Don’t even know what breed it is either.

What can or should I do Mac?? There is only a few??

Pinch off all those pouches right away. That is what Jorge Cervantes of High Times magazine recommended in one of his videos. Some people will pull the whole plant afraid they might not catch all the hermie flowers.

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The end result. Did a bit of defoliation… Hey how much lead and too would I need to make at least a little bit of a smoke with bubble bags? I have about 300 grams of wet leAf and tip. I remember I did it with dry and with wet weed last time. Didn’t make much of a difference. Curious as it’s been years. My wife wants to try a bit of bubble hash.

I haven’t done it enough times myself, but I also haven’t noticed a huge difference between dry or wet. But there is a lot of thought and evidence as to why wet may be better, but you need to freeze the fresh wet cut stuff as soon as possible, even if you are going to make the bubble hash with it right away. And freezing it is also probably one of the best ways to store it longer as well.

Yes I agree Mac… I always used frozen wet against dry but couldn’t remember how much I needed… And yup…it’s already all frozen. Made canna butter out of the first lot doing it the wTer and boil method. But didn’t seem to be very potent. Happy times but. Except for these !@#$ing boys…

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Is the male flower the one that are longer shaped pod or are they all male flowers? I see some with hairs too.

Never mind I remembered there were more pics in different place

No problem, but yes, those are showing both male pouches/pods and female hairs, that is why it is a “hermi” or hermaphrodite plant.

When you say freeze the wet cut asap, this is just the leaves and trim? For bubble hash. But not the buds? Those are Cured and dried Then frozen.
Sorry I am a nub on this topic.

Yes just the leaf and tips. All the clippings after curing buds aswell.

Thank you for that! now I understand.

If you are making hash from the buds (this is often used to make extremely potent stuff), but most people use the side trim and smoke the buds/flowers, but if you make ice bubble hash from the buds, yes, you instantly freeze them, there is no drying or curing when making ice bubble hash with the buds themselves.

I made bubble hash back in 2010 out of wet buds. 2 kgs of big heads that were the left overs on the last of our plants that started to get mould and frost bite so we used it and used it wet but frozen. Man…WOW… :japanese_ogre: Bro it was mad. And good thing is difference between using frozen dry and frozen wet is that the end product is different. The wet stuff stays moist and sticky. Kinda like a hardened gum. The dry stuff obviously goes dry and hard. Both does the same thing I reckon I just reckon ya get more product and it’s easier to chop up with tobacco the way we do it over here and smoke it in a bong. :sunglasses: