Have been setting up grow room waiting on my seeds from ILGM

I ordered seeds from here and got an alert that they wouldn’t be able to delivered the seeds, this is not why I have created this I wanted to share my grow room with the lights and ask for any opinions or any open suggestions would be greatly appreciated. pav-1E442E37-4462-4AFA-BA86-43C92FB4127C-.jpeg

    I cant upload anymore gifs wtf

Damn bro! You live in the dungeon of a mideval castle?? That stone wall is sick! Dont dare cover that up.

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Sadly I already have with hard insulation but will demolish when I’m finished with the space.

May i ask your general region? That foundation is very unusual. Im pretty well traveled and like architecture, that method of foundations hasnt been around for quite some time.

Out here in Colorado

If you got Snapchat you can add me and I’ll show you a good quality video of the stone wall :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats an unusual wall for Colorado. What year the house built?

Idek the house is on 2x4’s and cement blocks for the inside pillar support :monkey: and those bricks are what hero it up
So ima grow down there and use my plants to support the house too
It was lookin a lil weak you know… :monkey:

Radically cool tho. Id have. Bar, poker table, and a throne down there. Would be a sweet man cave

Hell yea after first few uses probably what that place is getting turned into.