Have a strain that I'm really unsure of

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have a strain that I’m really unsure of and I know I germinated this strain to grow but has 11 leaves and is totally different, please help me


Looks kinda like Dr.Grinspoon strain or variation by chance did you get any other information on this


WOW…looks very diff than standard weed leaves.
ThcinKC …has a good point. One of the few that look totally different is the Dr. Grinspoon strain.
What is the source of your seed? Any background information?


No sir just got some smoke from my guy and got the seeds and did this

I have no idea the source just got it from a friend and the seeds look like this, I smell an aroma but I am so puzzled,

Bro at one point I though with, now it’s bigger I smell some stank coming on

Is this reefer😳

Only back ground is I got some pot, it had seed and here were are ha

Hi, so this is my first time posting, and not sure where to post this? However, it is strain related. On here, Candy Kush or Kandy Kush is labeled as a hybrid of OG Kush x Blue Dream. This is incorrect, the true hybrid that is Kandy Kush is OG Kush x Trainwreck for sure, have had many and both Indica and Sativa dominant versions of the strain. Leafyly says, " Kandy Kush is a favorite of DNA Genetics’ Reserva Privada line that combines two California classics, OG Kush (thought to be the “Christopher Wallace” cut) and Trainwreck, to make a tasty indica-dominant hybrid (although sativa phenotypes displaying more of the Trainwreck structure have been noted)." Thanks, just wanted to clear up. - Rod