Have a question regarding setting up a bank transfer to Paymitco!


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Sorry, didn’t read about the non-grow related questions. Thought that is what “feedback” was for.


Just choose the Company, Your done. Shouldn’t be a problem from there.


It requires a telephone number too. Ridiculous!


I know it some times it can be a pain in the ass.


Oddly enough, the section where you enter the account number, isn’t a “required field”. Lol
But a little (*) at the phone number section!


I suppose you could use a fake number if you don’t want to post yours … lol


No, they wanted Paymitco’s phone number.


Really, makes ya wonder why they would want that number


There’s no telling. But ILGM provided me with one and payment is scheduled for today sometime.


So can going to prison.