Have a question about high heat

Live in the desert and my problem is high heat and low humidity. When the lights are on the temperature in the tent gets up to 95 f and the humidity is between 20 to 35 percent. If I do nothing will the plants still grow. Thanks

Yes they will still grow. Keep them watered.

Should I try to bring the Humidity up

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Temperatures at this point would be more important than humidity.

If possible time the lights so they are out at the hottest times of the day (12pm-6pm for example)…

and keep them watered…


Do you not have an exhaust fan for the tent?


If the tent is closed your humidity will rise higher than the environment outside. If you don’t exhaust too much, as mentioned it’s best to have your cycle of lights on during the night/cooler hours and asleep with the tent shut during daylight hours. The plants will dissipate water increasing the humidity, so with your conditions you will have to water more frequently too. You can grow a lawn in the desert with a sprinkler system and top soil. Human ingenuity knows no bounds.

That’s my biggest problem right now is exhausting hot air from the room. Thought that adding humidity would help. Thanks for the help

This is a different situation than previously mentioned. If you follow the vapor chart you would want to raise the humidity if you can follow the green area.

I used to grow in those conditions, might help improving them