Have a ppm problem!

Hey guys was going to put my blueberry auto in the soil so I got every thing ready watered the pot and took run off ph and ppm. Water went in at 6.5 ph and like 37 ppm. The soil is fox farms ocean Forrest with a layer or 2 of the warrior seedling soil. The ppm came out to be 690!!!? The ph also came out to 6.5 so that was good but that ppm scares me a can y’all please give some advice of how to get it down? Theres also this little x10 thing to the side of the 690 If I’m not mistaken that means it’s over a thousand right?

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Are you feeding any thing?

Nope just pour soil into pot just opened the bag a matter of fact I’m so confused haven’t even put a plant in the soil yet and already having issues d?!% my luck @Majiktoker

Do you guys have any advice? @Paranorman @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hawkeye_diesel @Hogmaster

I don’t know how much I can help, I’ve never used ffof, I use miracle grow for my plants. Ph sounds decent to me.

Does it say x10 when you test regular water?

Yes, add a zero to whatever number is shown when you see 10x.

Don’t worry @Swan1234, your runoff is totally normal since you have FFOF in under layer of the warrior seedling soil from FF. You actually prouve my point that FFOF alone is not made for seedling / sprouting .

I understand, this seem a little tricky, however, it’s only mean that the accuracy is +/-1% .

Hoping that’s helping you Swan1234

~Al :v: :innocent:


Thank you so much! I was pulling my hair out being new grower and all I also know nothing is going to be perfect and I knew I would run into problems but I was confused when I ran into this that I thought was bad before I even put a seed in the ground. @Niala thanks to everybody else as well for chiming in even if y’all don’t know it’s nice to see that other people want people to do good, sadly you don’t see that much in our world today but at least I know we got a few now I’m rambling I think I should go lol! Happy growing :v:t2:


No you don’t and it’s sad. Holler if you need anything

Maybe flush it with alot of water, then retest.

@Niala is on the right track its coming from the soil itself as ffof is rich in nutrients hope this helps as well


I use FFOF and my runoff is nowhere near that high. I’m not 100% convinced it’s the soil.

I was around 1400 ppm.

Yes but do keep in mind you are liable to get a bag of “hot soil”


Ah, smart! :slight_smile:

Yea see lol its these things that are not always looked at or considered

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That’s why you’re the pro.

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Do you believe I’ll be ok with my soil? @Majiktoker

Are they seedlings if so than likely not if they are fairly descent size and established, than that might be ok I dont wanna say yes but I dont want to say no either, so my opinion if you do use it and you have a problem immediately you know at that point its the soil no question about it cause you aren’t feeding


@Niala hit it right on the head sorry little late