Have a look at her now

Not sure if a few of you guys remember a few weeks back I had a disaster one morning I woke up and my clones and seedlings had basically shrivelled overnight. Well check out this baby. This is a first generation cutting I took from a dead shit of a plant from outdoors this season gone. Well I had nothing left of this strain “Bianca” and I was desperate to save its existence so I took the only surviving part of the plant as a cutting which mind you was only one centimetre overall and cause I had nothing to lose I put clonex on it and shoved it in rockwool. Well after it finally starts growing and had that breakdown that night. Here she is now in her young days in training for “mainlining” her. I reckon it’s gonna be a cracker. Also the others are going great as well. They need to last another 6 weeks in this tent until I can shift em to the main tent. But under intense training for them they will be slow growing the first 4-6 weeks now. Am I correct in this theory?? Does anyone have negative thoughts of my plan??
This first pic is the one that was devastated couple of weeks back. And the next is the rest of em. 4 different strains. Indica verse sativa…!!

That’s awesome you saved that strain and plant pretty much.