Have a look and give me your thought's


I believe it is ripe for the pickens Just wanted a few opinions …


thats this up close…



Please no cross posting. One topic at a time on the same subject. I’m gonna pick the one with the most response and point the other two to that one.


ok sorry kind a new


I knew that… I looked at your profile. Not a problem. Thanks! @chip9239


Couldnt see any amber? Id wait a bit but that’s personal choice.


Definitely not an expert but I would let it go a little longer, checking tricomes daily!


almost 2 ilbs happy guy


Wet or dry? @chip9239


Dry 6 plants…


Great job that’s a good harvest! @chip9239

That’s what about 5 ounces dry per plant or well over a pound wet per plant.


I think I can do better but over all pretty happy with it…When they get tall its hard to spread your light out to reach all plant .Going to try to keep them more bushy and short and see what happens.Do a lot more topping this time.



Here a few other ideas too!


Advanved Growing Techniques- Bigger yields




Thanks Bob,