Have 2 SF2000 want to combine is it possible?


I would link a daisy able dimmer. But there’s so many different kinds that will all work ranging from $1.20 from china to much much more. $30 and dim from your phone… lol.

Oh I’ve got drivers I just want this dimmer if possible

It make it simple to control everything at the same time

Does anyone actually have one to get the product number off of?

It has to be really common. Spider isn’t the only company to use it. I should check AliExpress.

Spider and Mars has the same dimmer now

I can check later. But I don’t remember any serials or anything on it. They are sleep right now. There’s another brand I saw the first time today with same dimmer too. Most likely on AliExpress, the professionals version of alibaba. Same company, different target.

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Duh, it would be on the bottom anyway. I’ll pop it up tomorrow. They wake up around 2:30am. It’s 7:15 here now.

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Make sure your driver is the same as above. Just learned the pre daisy chain 1000s couldn’t be
Different driver.

Here’s driver pricing and similar dimmers.

Can you give instructions how to install?? @Budz

If you want two drivers and want the boards wired same way, then you want something like hlg-240h-48b or xlg-240-h-ab. You don’t need to spend the cash buying those modules though. Wiring dimming leads from both to a potentiometer that measures 50k ohms or more with dim both drivers simultaneously.

You could also wire boards in series with hlg-240h-c2100b, then use same pot as above. Or you could go to single driver in hlg-480h-48b boards wired in parallel, or hlg-480h-c2100b boards wired in series. Either of the hlg-480 drivers would require single 100k ohm pot to dim driver.

Or you could go with drivers and dimming modules mentioned above.

I checked. No numbers on it.


Well fml I appreciate you lookin. I seen a few on allibaba as you posted thank you

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Thanks for all the information @dbrn32 @Budz @Spiney_norman

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