Have 2 SF2000 want to combine is it possible?

@dbrn32 I was wondering if i could change ballest on 2 sf2000’s and put a dimmer switch to control both units?? Any advice would be Appreciated, Thanks in advance. Hope i’m making myself clear enough!! I want to turn the two of them into one.

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Which driver, assuming both are same?

Both driver’s are the same. Just wondering if it is even possible to do what i’m wanting to do. I would like to put a dimmer on it also. I have two sf4000 would like to daisy chain them. thanks. Driver model# Elg-240-48a-3y@dbrn32

You need a space between for the tag to work… @dbrn32

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Information on previous post @dbrn32 sorry

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They already have that option… daisy chain…

I believe he is just looking to have one dimmer for both lights together to dimm both the sane at the same time

That is correct thanks. @Mark0427

That’s what the daisy chain does. That’s the whole point of doing it.

The drivers on the sf2000 are manual dimmer now. @dbrn32

Left is master, right is slave. Left dimmer controls both.

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I have no idea my thoughts was daisy chain meant that they can just be plugged into each other instead of running seperate cords to wall plugs. How does it work that u get 3 lights with seperate dimmers to work off the one dimmer dont seem possible unless u rewire all to 1 dimmer or am i wrong here

I see how its hooked now. Never seen these lights before. Hlg is totally different

No. They all need their own power source, and they plug into each other. Doesn’t matter how many you have. It controls the light level of all lights in the chain. Including powering on and off.

Ok I see your point of view

Are those SF2000? Mine are older models i guess because my Drivers look different @Low

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The one I put in the picture are not sf2000 but they should have the same drivers.

Do you have the model that has to be dimmed by a screw?

If so I’d contact spider farmer and tell them your intentions, maybe you can just get the parts.

I have never seen 3y designator? But unless that means something with dimming function you will need different driver or drivers. Do you want 1 driver with 2 dimmer, two drivers with 1 dimmer? You could also change to a driver with built-in dimmer that is on top of driver instead of on bottom.

I can probably come up with a dozen ways to help you.

That would be appreciated. Any configuration would be considered. I’m not much into electrical . But with the two i would be willing to try. My thoughts are that i will need two different driver and two dimmers or maybe just one dimmer? @dbrn32

I wanna daisy chain dim my drivers as well! Let’s get a link to this piece of equipment with rf slaves

It’s the same driver with or without the dimmer added. On newer ones at least.