Have 2 gal pot-pot does superb soil with kit supply all nutrients start- finish?

need help with grow 15 day seedling

Pictures? Watering practices?
Lighting? All important to know.
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According to “A Pot 4 Pot,” you are good till the end. I did my first grow with P4P set up as well. In one of them, I did end up giving some nutes around 6 week of flowering. The other one, I let go through the end and it seemed to suffer from deficiencies.

I would look at your plants and judge what they need. You are the best person to assess their needs.

In P4P set up, I don’t think you want a lot of runoff, if any. It is never stated in the directions. If you are watering to runoff each time, you will deplete your nutes a little faster and may need to supplement.

Some pics would be nice.


haven’t watered since friday …been hitting seedling with 6 hrs sun and 8 hrs canagrow pink 35 watt led bulb 10" from top growth …going to water tonight with 4 oz of 6.5 ph water and see how it looks in morn …if ok probably give it 4 more…ADVICE PLEASE.

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Sounds good.

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P.S The strain im growing is Zkittlez auto… i hope this one is easy for 1st inside windowsill grow.

Ok watering seemed ok , 8 oz over 12 hr period…However the moisture gauge in the pot indicates 2 on a scale of 1 -10 red zone dry …I overwatered when i transplanted last wed 09-30 and gauge was in green zone after watering 6 but plant showed overwatering stress…plant seems ok now…i guess you can’t rely on gauge…going to start water 4 oz every other day…NEED ADVICE .want to do this right…Ps i purchased micro grow bloom fert but have not used it yet.

hey folks going to try an upload… i’m not that computer literate so lets try , for i need all the help i can get with this grow, student need professor.![IMG_0023|

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will you take a look at my stuff please

I would transplant out of those bags when get a chance. They may need some water again soon.

15 days …not too shabby especially on a windowsill you said I think. Those green meters are bunk. You don’t have to or shouldn’t be having to water everyday. I’ll link you up with a couple.othwr cats growing that zkittle auto thing!! Your in your way to pot stardom. LoL

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gave them 8 oz 4 yesterday 4 today.i cut the top out of the seed pod

hey thanks for the reply…i’m ready to learn

ok just gave 4 more oz water …12 oz in 36 hrs

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All right, last night got 4 oz aqua…i noticed a tiny tiney tip drop on her first whorl…so does that mean her water requirement is met or just a little over… maybe 12 oz every two days??? INPUT PLEASE and THANKS MUCH

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I’m not a mathematician… lol I know 12 ounces is 3/4 of a pound. LMAO kidding
Get to know how much the pot feels after watering with runoff. Then you know what she feels like and can always judge by that. It doesn’t work for seedlings obviously. Oops… AND your at seedlings. Lol 12 Oz seems like a lot for a lil guy I’m pretty sure. That’s like a full can of soda right? Shouldn’t need to water it for Atleast 2 days. Grrrr there’s so many different factors into the equation see coco you would need too. What’s pot for pot come with super soil or coco?


If she’s dropping like you mentioned and your soil and just gave her 12 Oz of water PLUS watered her a yesterday I’d hold off on any more water for a bit. Wait until soil is dry knuckle deep.


both …soil on bottom coco on top.