Hat is the best hydroponic indoors system?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Just starting to grow… what is the best hydroponic indoors system? And when is the best time to start this process??

Is our resident hydro expert ill tag him in hopefully he sees this and can assist

Simplest or best? DWC is simplest Aeroponics is best and anytime is good for indoor growing provided you are in complete control of environment

@Donaldj …. I would like to follow you for any information I can get on DWC .

I have been growing in soil all summer home renos making a more mindless grow important to me I have days I forget to even check my plants lately which is why they are in soil will be a couple more months before I am doing another hydro grow. Soil less is like a train steady and predictable hydro requires more attention than I have atm

I personally use an ebb and flow system with a controller bucket. It allows me to change the water out without disturbing the plants, and for a perpetual grow is fantastic with pulling a plant out and putting another one in since it uses an insert system (not sure exactly what to call it, but its a bucket containing the plant and medium placed inside a bucket that’s hooked to the controller bucket to be filled)

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