Hashish hard as a rock


I don’t know the only black hash I used to get was mostly opium (which is waaaay better!)
Maybe some others might know ?


Thanks for the insight @Paranorman
I will post if I get some. Does yours get dry n harder if left out?


I don’t know I don’t leave it out …doesn’t seem to change much tho


I had left a piece out that was extra from a bowl it got dry and still crumbled. How much kief did it take to make those? The three rocks I posted is almost a qp of hash


I averaged between 1 and 3 grams of hashish per every 7 grams of Bud

This Thread might be some interest?


You Gotta send me the recepie for that , would Love to know how to make Good Hash !!!


Hi, is a video link on how to …

Hope that is helpful to you @FyshhTrap and other who follow this topic ! :wink::innocent:


You got it! …go to Amazon and search ‘pollen shaker’ the price is back down to around 11 bucks and change, just put weed in and Shake!


No kidding , Awsome , Thanks @Paranorman !!!


Way back in the day I knew someone who put all his …keef?, don’t know how to spell it, on a cookie sheet and trek to heat it up in an oven. When I asked why he told me that’s how hash was made. I still don’t completely understand but his hash came out just like what you described. We had to heat up a knife just to cut it and I didn’t get as high as I expected.


That’s funny, me next.:yum:


You could break off a small chunk and drop it into a pot of water, just before a hard boil reduce the heat then add butter. Let it simmer, not sure how long , maybe up to 30 minutes. Pour liquid through a few layers of cheese cloth into a bowl then place in the fridge. The butter will rise to the top and harden. Then you can collect the butter and dump the water down the drain. I did this with just leaf one time and my alcoholic friend was mad because he was too f#%&@d up to even drink his beer for thirteen hours. No joke.


Simple answer, cooked hash is decarbed. Pressed keif is not. Decarb allows the stuff to work when you eat it. Otherwise, little will happen effect-wise.

Super Troopers - kid eats an ounce of weed - gets wasted. - Hollywood
Later in the scene when he eats a wad of hash? REALITY!


Looks like some of the stuff I smoked in Germany.


I’m a cheap-o, and am not buying bubble bags since I only have one plant. I do have a Trim-Bin with a 120 micron screen to let the trichomes (and other stuff, I know) through, and some research shows that the average coffee filter is about 20 microns.

So with the initial strain through the screen, and then a coffee-filter lined strainer for the catch, does anyone see an issue with the plan?