Hashish hard as a rock


Has anyone had hashish like this? It’s harder than rocks and smells like a spice like basil or something… Really dry and hard. Smokes on the harsh side and smells when burnt in a weird way. I ate a lil piece and it knocked me out for a few hours? It seems more potent when eaten then smoked and doesnt smell like weed. What can I do with it?


Butter would be my choice


Dr. D give us more info …did you make it ? did you buy it ?


You need to submit to the group for quality control testing. Me first.


You could always send one to me I’ll put some chemistry to work and see what I can do LOL I’d cook with it for sure or possibly trying to make another kind of oil with it to who knows I have to see it it looks killer though


To make the butter do i need to decarb the hash?


Didn’t make it I exchanged weed for it. A half oz for almost 3 0z of the hashish. I just got some fresh stuff that’s soft and pullz apart nice but crumbly when broken down. I have a half oz of dryer stuff it’s really better when moist like what I just got


Lol I would if I could. I wanna know how other people react to it


Can u post the recipe for the oil? I just got some fresher softer and smellier like weed. Dude says he is gonna get some black plague hash that’s black and even better



Depends on your taste preference but with hash you should pretty much be able to grind it up and mix it into melted butter it isn’t green bud or shake :wink:


Sounds simple. So I wouldn’t have to strain it I could just melt it into it it’s pretty kiefy. I looked with magnifying glass it looks like hundreds of trichomes


that’s a good thing


I will make some butter tomorrow with some. I’m gonna poke around see if I can find a recipe for tincture and dab-able oil @Donaldj have u made anything like that


I would be very suspicious of that deal my friend ?!

This is my hash, I made it so know what’s in it, it’s hard as a rock (cuz I press it in a vice) but it’s also moist an oily and smokes up well, very tasty!


Hi Dr.DankThumd420 , I personnaly make eddibles and here a link that I found usefull to make them. It show how to make not only cannabutter, but cooking oil , milk and tincture.

Hope that you will found this usefull :wink::innocent:


Suspicious as what’s in it or the potency?


The newer stuff I got is more oily and taste better. Pretty hard but crumbles , it’s sticky and kinda feel moist. When it dries out it gets harsher.


I don’t know I would just be very careful cuz that was way too sweet of a deal and you say it doesn’t taste, smell or seem right so you’re going to have to decide my friend good luck with it


The first batch was so so. This second batch has the taste and smell we know comes with hash. Yeah did seem to good to be true lol. What’s the deal with black hash you know that dark stuff with lime green on the inside? Is dark hash not as potent?