ive been trying to find a good way to make hash and i cant find one straight answer

That is becuase; There are many ways to make hash.

  1. Get a grinding stone, and place your strongest herbal content between the stones, and turn, turn, turn, turn,.…Old school
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Get a pice of thick mil plastic. Place your content on the plastic and fold over, leaving plenty of area on the outside of the matter.

Beat the plastic with matter inside until natter is pulverized. Scrape the 6mil or stronger plasric of residue. Repaet. Each process will produce a lighter cole product; Weaker than the last.

arit thank you bit one more question can i do this with male plants to

Male plants are useless; IN regards to THC levels.

I think ice bubble hash is the best way for the average person to make hash. Using bubble bag screens or the letting the trichomes settle to the bottom of the water as the trichomes are heavier than water, there are many tutorials on you tube, even one by high times Jorge Cervantes. This way removes the most plant material and chlorophyll as well during the process of collecting and concentrating the trichomes. CO2 or dry ice hash is really messy and “dusty” as does the traditional beat and pulverize between heavy plastic sheets or bags method that Latewood seems to be describing. Males do have THC that can be collected but most people find the levels too low to be worth the trouble. If you have a hermie, the female parts would have a reasonable amount that can be collected. some mostly female plants that get some male hermie parts are left to grow but all the male parts are carefully removed as soon as possible to keep the pollen pouches from breaking open and seeding any of the female flowers.

Ah, hash, ya know, I used to think hash was more popular in Europe, I mean, when I was in the military stationed in Europe in the late eighties, my roommate was doing a lot of hash, and I was out partying with him smoking it too, but it just seemed like there was a a lot of it around more than regular weed, or he was buying it cause he figured it was stronger, unsure. Ah the days of living dangerously, where they would go on tirades of piss testing, seems I passed the tests even if I had smoked some in the previous week or two, errrrrr, maybe it was cause I was drinking a lot of beer.

I seen a tv show recently showing hash being made in north Africa prepared for shipment north, very interesting, seems maybe it takes a lot of product to make hash, maybe it is worth it, not that I have loads and loads of experience, just enough to know that once I was smoking some with my room mate who used my money to go get some, and next thing that California born and raised “stoner” said to me, “ah man, I never seen anyone smoke that much hash before”, and well, I was having trouble breathing and worried, then he says that, and even though high, I got scare as hell, well, coming from a regular smoker like him!

On another note, if I ever produce too much personal medical use surplus and have too much around the house past the legal limit of a mmc in Oregon, maybe I’ll try making some hash of the surplus to be easier to store, somewhere, that is likely the key, it probably lasts ten times longer in its bar of hash state.

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I had been making bubble hash via: ice method for a few years.
Last year I coverted to the “Dry Ice” method, and will never go back…
As for it being dusty, messy etc… thats bullshit.
The quality is much, much better. The yield of top notch, high quality Hash is 10x’s that of iced…

One has to know what your doing, use a good quality strain… the correct micron bag… I personally go with 110 micron… and I also try to judge by the size of the trichromes, as all strains tend to differ.
I do my runs in small batches… ie; 1.5 oz good quality sugar leaves, popcorn buds… add about 2lbs dry ice… let it stand 2 mins. Then start shaking… 2 mins only… for top quality…
I did a run of Super Critical last season… and WoW, looked at the results through my jewelers loop,… and all one could see is lovely sparkleing pure chromes… 2nd 2- min shake, was almost as good. I discard after 2 shakes. Then start another run…
Out of 4-5 ounces of top quality trimming, popcorn buds,… and as I call it, the "Chuck-It-In-The-!@#k-It-Bucket,… (buds that are full of goodness, but your tired of trimming, the bud is small… will dry to much… and just no longer worth my time… but adds greatly to the super quality of your end product)… I produced a total of 42 grams of the absolute best blonde, sticky-ass hash… one hit knocked all who had pleasure of par take on their ass… very, sticky… awesome tasting… perfection. This was just One strain… some do better than others.
Gram it out,… use Dr. Pill’s hash press… (I use the hammer hitter… works like a charm)
Check out the various videos on uTube regarding “Dry Ice Extraction”… my only recommendation… is work with a lower micron bag then some suggest… Remember… your after chromes… Not “Plant Matter”…
Works Amazing for Me… Highly suggest to try it yourself… only takes no longer than 5 mins. a run… not including making your hash pucks, which can be made at a later date.
All with no, to very, very little clean up…

-Just Saying-


Yep, just tried dry ice method for the 1st time. Bout 3 ounces of trim, 2 lb’s dry ice all in 220 micron hash bag. Placed on bucket, left it for few min then gave it good shake for few min and it was done. Less than 10 min from start to smokin!

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Is 200 micron bag fine enough? It’s a bag for making almond milk and straining stuff. Never made hash before- didn’t want to buy the whole multi bag setup.i thought numbers went up not down :unamused: Then I hear 200 is crap course I hear a lot of stuff is crap won’t work and it does So what would be highest number to make some lazy hash. Either blender ice water or dry ice Prob get dry ice as I’ve never seen dry ice up close might be interesting.

Guess I shoulda read above. Thanks

220 micron was fine, you can see the colour change the longer you shake, so you can seperate different grades if you want, I just mixed mine all together, but got half a cup full or so of Kiev from 2-3 oz of trimmings. Didnt put any of the big fan leaves in, norm make oil from them but after the simplicity and success of the dry ice I might give them a go to. Not sure how successful that will be but is worth a try unless someone can tell me different!

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Thanks. So is hash usually done with fresh trim or can it be stored for a bit like in a ziploc?

Usually done with dry trim. May work with fresh trim, the dry ice would probably dry it out pretty quick, and obviously the ice method literally soaks it through so it would probably work fresh, I’ve never tried though. You can store it in a ziplock bag, glass jars are better.

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Reading reading reading. Every step lol. Pulling the plug day 96 so just dry it under ma buds? Reading to find about dark period before harvest 2day,1day, 36 hours but all I see is bunch of people saying it doesn’t make much difference. I figured it’d do something as after four hour dark during a normal day plant would be more fragrant but idk. Guess I’ll give it 24 hour nap then chop

Yeah and sometimes the more you read, the more confused you become, or you read something which leads to 3 more things you need to read up on! Everyone has the way they like to do things, and some of us just like to be different. And often, it is exactly that, not better, just different. Plants know when they go from veg to flower, they don’t need 36 hours of darkness to remind them! Outdoors loses minutes of light each day, but it still flowers. I’ve read up on light schedules such as the gas lantern schedule, with 12 hrs of light, then 5.5 hrs dark, 1 hr light then 5.5 hrs dark. Supposedly this makes plants bushier and more bud sites. It has the lights off for 13 hours in a 24 hr period, saving 5 hours a day on wear and tear, and power. Then sart with 11hrs of light, and reduce it by half an hour every 2 weeks down to 9 hrs. I recently read about the 3 on 1 off light schedule for veg, and there are others. but for now, I’m keeping it simple, 18/6 veg, 12/12 flower. And I’ll often chop the big buds from the top when they are ripe, and lower the light to give the rest another week or 2 to beef up a bit. There’s always something new to try, everyone has different opinions, and that is how we learn to do things better, by sharing and bouncing ideas off each other. I thought I was getting a bit of a grip on things, but I think I may have drowned 4 seeds I germinated a little over a week ago. I’ve only grown from 1 seed before, and it grew very healthy, i cut clones from that plant with 100% success rate and now decided it’s time for some variety so put 4 different seeds down, and nothing has sprouted. I’m wondering if seeds in jiffys, in aeroponics bucket is no good… Last time it was in propogation dome, and that’s the only thing I did different. I really thought the aeroponics would work wonders on a seed like it did with the clones!