Hash puck storing

Hello ILGM!

I’ve never been a big hash smoker, nothing against it but typically stick to buds.

This year was my first real focus on a grow and things went great, with some good and painful learnings along the way. One of those learnings was to use the trim to make hash, and how easy it is with bubble bags, and even easier with dry ice and bubble bags. I ended up with about 40g and will primarily give it away or barter with it.

With this new small wealth of dark gold how should I store it?

Any great tips for smoking it that might make appreciate hash a little more?


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airtight jar and freezer.

anyone else?

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I would just keep it in mason jar in a dark cool place or vacuum sealed if its dry enough and put in dark cool place

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Jar and freezer are the best ways, keep it out of light and heat as that degrades it, and always always make sure it’s 100% dry, otherwise it will mold.

As for enjoying your new found wealth, I’d recommend lighting a small chunk of it and flip a glass upside down on it, letting the smoke fill the glass. When it’s good and full, slip a straw into the glass by lifting the rim of the it up slightly and take a hit with the straw.The smoke is nice and cool by that time and tastes amazing!

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Hash can get better over time if stored properly. I keep mine in a tin in my cool dry basement.
I used to use the freezer but love smoking hash and feel like taking it in and out of the freezer
created moisture in the bags. I have placed bubble hash into the freezer for storage when it seemed like it was not completely dry. I would also suggest trying to add hash to your coffee as well as hearty soups for the winter. Start small you can always have more later.