Hash plant growing tips


Need some help with my new seeds I received called the hash plant.I really want a good grow.Any tips???


Never grew that strain yet, but what were you playing on growing your plant in, soil or hydro?



Lol where to start
@ktreez420 don’t forget the coco :stuck_out_tongue:
but yeah what type of medium… what type of lighting where’s the grow indoor or outdoors


I always do @B345T lol, thanks for the reminder!



In will be indoors wanting pointers on lighting I have my other plants in
soil with cfl lighting.Just want to make sure I start with everything the
best for a strain I have never grown.Any suggestions from you opinion in
soil or hydro or even the lighting to which kind of soil.You let me
know.You do it best​:grin::grin::grin::muscle::muscle::muscle::herb::herb::herb::herb::herb:


Which do you recommend??I thought I would do soil.


@Wacotx83 I personally started off in soil, but after a few grows I realized I wanted to try out hydro. I love hydro so much!

As far as soil, I would recommend Fox Farms soils, they are used by many members with great success. For lighting, that will depend on the grow tent size. You’ll lol want to think about things like, heat and power consumption when choosing your lights. HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights like MH bulbs and HPS bulbs, will produce a lot of heat, which means you’ll need to exhaust the heat with vents and fans. They are the industry standard for growing great cannabis. The newer lights like LEDs and COBs are more efficient when it comes to power consumption and light coverage and produce very little heat. LEDs don’t penetrate as deeply into the foliage as HID lights though, so most growers will say that HID lights will give you those heavy dense buds. It’s more a preference thing for most people but I started with 2-600w HID setups. Now, I only use 1 of them, and purchased 2-300w MarsHydro LEDs.

Figure out your grow area. Then from there you can start to figure out plants, lights, soil, nutrients, meters, water, etc.



Hey guys so long story short I have a Lebonese hash plant seed and I want to germinate it and grow it for personal medical use but I have never grown ever before. I have a big shed in the back of my property which is about 20‘ x 15‘ as far as lighting goes I am not sure exactly what type they are but I know they are florescence tube lights. I have all natural organic soil that I probably will be using and most likely a 20 gallon pot? Honestly I want to be able to maybe take clones but ultimately get the biggest yield for personal medical use. So basically someone take me under their wing and tell me wtf to do please!!! Haha that said I really do use this for medical purposes and am so grateful to have found this strain but I’m tired of paying for it haha ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!!! Thank you


And yes I know this thread is a bit old so I. There is a more recent/more helpful one point me that way please :slight_smile:


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