Hash Making Thread

Hey guys! So I recently sifted a large quantity of kief using Dry Ice to make some hash, and was looking for some techniques you guys might be using. I enjoy the way I do it and the product that comes out of it, but Im sure it could be far better.

My Method:
Weigh out 5.4 grams of kief
Boil water in sauce pan
Put pollen press in plastic bag, then into boiling water to heat for 2 minutes.
Remove press from bag and water and put kief into the press’ tube.
Place top of press onto kief and tighten.
Place back into bag and still boiling water for 1 minute.
Remove from water and bag, and using silicone oven mits (metal gets hot boys and girls) tighten it down again.
Wait until cool to touch and remove.

A black hockey puck-esque 5 gram disc of hash with a super hard black shell and a softer blond hash interior. Aroma is fantastic and the taste and smoke is great too.

Also results in a small amount of oil being pressed out in the consistency of very very thick sticky honey and dark amber color to the point when globbed all together is very dark almost black (i imagine this is because the heat is too high for oil, but its not my main goal).

Thats my method and I have photos of the discs if people want’em. But Im open to any improvements and questions thrown my way to make things better!

Edit: wanna throw this in there, Im aware I could press everything into rosin instead of hash, but I enjoy creating hash and smoking it.


I’m in lol I love my Hash and I’m going throw this in and I hope you don’t mind

I love Hash and i’m very interest in how you make it. I user bubble bags ans ice drill and paint stirrer


Do you have Skype and or can you use it ?

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I do have skype, but I cant use it at the moment, with family, but Ill pass my contact information to you if you’d like!




I save all of my trim fresh frozen and when I get up to around 13-15 gallon freezer bags I dry ice sift with 73 and 160 micron bags. I pulled 280g of kief this go around


I never tried the dry ice . But willing to give it a shot. On Skype we could do our swap with no problem.


@garrigan62 Sorry for the late reply, finally have some free time if ya wanted to chat

here are a few of my hash balls I use keif pargment paper and a wine bottle with almost boiling hot water it takes a lot of time but final product is amazing Frenchy cannoli style


That looks absolutely amazing.

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So how tightly do you press yours? I might have overdone it a bit on mine after looking at yours. My interior is much darker, I assume due to more pressure and higher heat, but not as dark as the exterior

and I will roll and then roll it in my hands then play with it like playdoe then roll it again and I will repeat this 15-20 times it takes more effort but the quality is insane and my pollen Extractor I just use my keif

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My next round Im going to give that a shot, my goal is to make and produce the best no matter how time consuming

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Let me see if I can link up some videos to help


And you can do it with keif as well

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Judging by this method vs mine, it definitely seems I could have overdone the entire process since I used both much higher heat and much more pressure (enough to squeeze out some oil). I like this idea better, but I won’t know for certain until I give a shot in person, and when I do you bet I’ll be posting a few good pictures.

This is how the inside of mine turned out


This might sound dumb, but I’m gonna ask anyway. After dry sifting your plant material, and removing the pollen, what do you with the buds? Is there anything left worth smoking? Ive never messed with hash can you tell