Has your Pet ever eaten your crop?


Has anyone ever had pets destroy or eat their plants ?


Ha that’s funny. Not the plant that’s sad. But the pic man. May I keep that pic and use it to warn my cat’s?


How much did it eat or did it just knock it?


I have a cat that has so far showed no interest. He does like to drink the nute-water if I’m not looking.


Hahahaha….not my pic, I pulled it off of facebook and used it for comical relief. I did however have a clone of SuperSkunk eaten by my friends Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He snored all afternoon :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Funny enough, Just a day ago I had a teeny, tiny seedling disappear out of a peat pellet. I tracked it down to a mouse in the grow area. The little puke had pulled it up and left it the day prior. I reset it in the peat pot, wondering how it had pushed itself out. The next day it was gone completely.

An $8 seed, down the tubes. This is part of why I raise as many of my own seeds as I can.


Lol the pic looks photoshopped but it’s still funny. I wouldn’t let my cat near mine. He is strictly an indoor cat since he only has 3 legs don’t want to risk him getting hurt. But because of that anything my daughters bring indoors (leaves, flowers, etc.) He will eat or at least take a few nibbles to see if he likes it. And as the old saying goes curiosity killed the cat, which probably means a cat ate someone’s weed and they killed him lol.


LMAO, my dogs will eat buds if allowed to & they love the stems when harvesting!


my lab loves the leaves and stalks i give him…


Lmao. :grin:


Man I’m not gonna lie, starting out with 3 seeds, all 3 germinated. The first night I set the to 12/12 I left the door open out in my shed so they could get fresh air over night. Check on them the next morning and one is completely gone. Only about 1/2 an inch of the stem sticking out of the dirt and I still have no clue what got it. I’m thinking my outside dog but I didn’t see any of the plant around the house. I kind of freaked out thinking the dang dog drug it out and I was going to have fan leaves all over my yard lol


they’re looking great @ARGrower


The plant I just harvested got FIMmed multiple times by my cat. She’s since seemed to have lost interest. I ended up with a ton of bud sites, but all popcorn. I’d have done better to bail on it.


My cat ate one of my autos…every last leaf gone!


This morning after I pruned a few leaves, I tossed them in from of the cat - no interest. Even crushed one to really get the smell going.


How funny looks like my dog maxx he also loves trim eats it as fast as I can give it and insists on hanging with me when I’m working in the grow room yes I worry about him bringing in bugs but so far nothing’s happened


I had found a plant at work one day. (surprised that no one saw it all day, seeing it was only two foot from the house) (new construction) beautiful plant, healthy, and about 3.5 ft tall. Dug it up, re-pot it, and had it sitting on the window sil. Well after work the following day, I found it to be completely stripped of leafs. Except the very top 3 inches. And the pot of the plant was topped off with dog puke. Looked like a sad version of a Charlie brown tree.


When my dogs see me head for that closet they stand and wait for the leaves that I cut off.


She’s waiting fo her opportunity when my eyes are averted. Lol we have 2 cats 3 shepherds. Our dogs aren’t interested but the cats smh. Our Tom once ate abt 3 ozs of semi dry trim leaf. Slept like a rock lmao.


You probably stole someone’s plant. :joy: