Has this plant gone hermie?

A newbie here wondering if someone would help me to determine if this plant has hermied? The bud growth has slowed to a crawl. I can say the plant has been stressed given some very hot days in the attic, exceedingly high nitrogren, exceedingly low ph, etc. It’s pretty much been the Hanoi Hilton for marijuana plants.

I’m hoping I’m wrong but… Let me know what you think if possible.

Thanks much!!

Heat will slow them down alot
I dont see a hermi plant
Hiw long has it look like this?


Just swollen bud calyx’s is all i see.


Ok. Hopefully the cooler weather will help. It seems like she’s been stuck for a week or so.

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Those ball like things you see are just swollen calyx. She’s not a hermie.


Thanks! Glad to hear.

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Yeah i think it will help they will spend all thier energy trying to combat the heat ao now that it cooled off you should be ok
How hot did it get in attic @SteveG
Yhe whole ph thing doesn’t help either and may reduce yields depending on when you caught them

The temp probably has reached 93 on a number of days. The PH wasn’t caught until 3 weeks into flowering. I’m at 6 weeks now. My first grow so I’ll be surprised if the yields are not low given the negatives. It’s been fun and a good learning though.

Can anyone help me sex my plant

Thank you

It’s a male. Sorry.


It’s a boy… :angry::rage: