Has this one Hermied?

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Looking for 3rd, 4th 5th etc opinions from folks.
This is the first I’ve seen this and the plant is 89 days from sprouting and 27 days since light flipped to 12/12
Only seem to be in this one area that I see so far. Just watered late last night. Was from feminizes seeds. No major stress issues such as temp fluctuations and so on…

Thanks for everyone’s input!

All I see in that pic is girl parts

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Those are round things are not female parts. They are either a single seed pod or a male sac forming.

Yea unfortunately those are definitely balls. I feel that pain, had the same thing happen to me on my last/first grow.

Can you post a pic on this post so we can enhance the pic and see better!!

Sorry man. You got chicks with dicks.

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You wana see his balls? :joy::flushed::flushed:

Here you go
I looked again and the sacks have female ?pistals? And I thought males were pretty much shaved…no hairs?

Same pic from other thread I just focused shot


I need more pics, maybe the whole plant and other areas in question. I dont see male sacks

@Missiles @garrigan62 @kw_Bat @elheffe702 can y’all help id this plant has it Hermied or is it still okay

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Its a female


This is what a hermie looks like.

There you have it female!!! Let that bitch grow!!!


That’s the calyx.

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Thanks everyone for your input.
Thanks for the confirmation

It’s a :dancer:t4: