Has this morphing into a hermie?

What strain and from where did you get it?

Its a Jack Herer auto from ILGM, ordered 5 seeds all 5 sprouted. started in seed pods 6/12, placed pods in 1 gallon pot till 7/1 at which time transplanted them into the ground.

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Like I said, your in the home stretch. Two weeks or so. Keep an eye on the trichs. I wouldn’t worry about the new growth…

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Oh man I wanna be in the home stretch, lucky

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Lol me tooooo!!!

Plant looks beautiful …happy harvesting …
I also wanted to add especially outdoors …
The time frame given by a breeder is for optimal conditions
You’ll be hard pressed to find any grows even indoors that finish on the time frame given …

You’ve already been given the best advice too !!
Also setiva buds mature slowly

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Thank you Lacewing for your comment. This is all a learning experience for me and the help this community offers builds my confidence.

here they are at 93 days, trichomes still clear, but leaves are starting to yellow.![tempImageK7h6AL|375x500](upload://2v7![tempImagemdfcBd|375x500](upload://4Ad![tempImage84ftus|375x500](upload://xG

The buds arent tightening up yet.