Has this morphing into a hermie?

I found some mold on my plant, so I defoliated some fan leaf, and sprayed with a mixture of h2o2 and water. I have seen similar images on posts, but nothing definitive. can someone help me out?

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What do you see that leads you to believe it might be a hermie?

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looks to be forming pods.

Gonna need a pic of those “pods”…

ok, Ill go get a new one

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Those simply look like swollen calyxes on a female.

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These just taken, they are now in week 12,trichomes still clear.

These are boy parts.

These are boy parts on a female plant.

These are lady parts.

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Thank you guys for the followup. They just seem to have formed after I defoliated and sprayed for mold. As this is week 12 for my autos, how much longer do you see till harvest. Checked trichomes just now, still clear.

Looks like fox tailing to me.

what is fox tailing

Foxtailing is, when in the late stages of flowering, a plant will kind of go crazy spitting out flowers. Sometimes they will stack one on top of the last resembling a fox’s tail.

how does this effect the outcome

It just means that you may have some immature parts to some buds that will be trimmed away when chop/trim time comes

Sometimes you can lower intensity of you light to help combat this but I’d just let them do their thing and evaluate the foxtail situation at the end

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This has been quite a ride for me being a first timer growing autos and from seed. I planted this on the timeframe outlined with the description, so this is certainly a learning experience. Im thankful to the community for all the support offered regardless of questions I have asked, being new to the grow world. Ok Mr Wormwood, these are grown in ground outside so it is as Mother Nature allows. The thing that confuses me is the time they are taking to ripen, as I keep thinking Im overlooking something. I stopped the nutes as they are into week 12 and I cant calculate how long they will take from now.

How long has your plant been in flower? If you have a few weeks until harvest and if this doesn’t get wild crazy in growth, not much. If you are on the cusp of harvest and the growth doesn’t seem to slow down that’s where it’ll make a difference. Every new flower will have to mature to a certain degree before it has the things we desire.

They have been in flower for about 6 weeks

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You want milky/cloudy or cloudy/amber. You’ve got a few weeks. It appears your plant is in it’s final lap. Keep an eye on the trichs. Otherwise I wouldn’t do anything for now. Your plant looks really nice. Keep us updated…

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Thanks for the appraisal, I feel a little better about my plants now. Im sure I will post again with the progress for any further guidance.