Has this happened to you?

I have these two mystery plants. I usually use ilgm seeds but this time was in between purchases. So I threw in a couple of bag seeds. Seems to have grown fine I’m on week eight of flour for both plants. I’m growing indoors in the 2x4 tent couple of Mars Hydro lights not my first grow been doing this for a couple of years now. But with past grows I’ve had more success than not.

The issue is on the tall girl I popped a bud just to check things out and found that it’s full of seeds. I know these plants were females I think something went haywire with environmentals. My day temperatures usually get to about the mid 80s night time temperatures go down in the mid-70s low 70s. Humidity I keep around 50% sometim.es it dips to 47. Just looking for insight as to what may have caused my plants to seed out like that. I mean don’t get me wrong that will be harvested the plant will be smoked just brings back days from the 70s it’s going to need an album cover if I can find one to separate seats bummer.


Could have been polinated by:
pollens stuck to your clothes from a neighbors outdoor grow, tracked into your tent.
A previous polination inside your growspace that got left behind or missed during cleanup
Intake of outdoor air.
Outside of that, the bag seed could have been from a herm plant. Making her predisposed to herming.

None of this would herm your plant. Any other cause is outside of my knowledge base, and I would like to know more.


Thanks, the dreaded herm! Guess ill have to do a better clean up after harvest.

I have had the bottom branches of a GSCE photo turn herm before. It was with the temperatures in the 80s during midway through flowering. This happened after trimming some leaves from the branches during this time in bloom. I came very close to removing it, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I just removed the branches that I saw male balls on. Glad I did not cut it down as it turned out to be a good harvest.
My advice is just keep looking very close at all times for all things.


I have had bag seed hermie. Too many. Seeds from a hermie tend to hermie. For me at least. A lot of bag seed has the potential to hermie. No stressors. Just hermies. All the hybridization.

Indoors I haven’t had seeds - outdoors the plants end with about a dozen seeds or so. Not sure if there was a banana I missed or pollination by the dude 5 doors down with a hemp patch in his front yard.

Since we are a legal State I also don’t know how many growers are close by or what they are growing.

My other half has his cleaning tray from HS and doesn’t mind. He pulls out the seeds and I give them away to anyone that wants to take a chance. I don’t use - I just grow for the family.