Has my seedlings transitioned to Vegetative Stage ? Day15 Speed+ Auto Coco-Coir

Could you please have a look and advice am I already at Vegetative Stage?

Day 15 from seed Variety: Speed + Autoflower (From Seed to Harvest 7 Weeks)

Or they are still seedlings and should be treated as such?

It’s my first-time grow and I honestly have No idea My guess would be the beginning of the Vegetative stage because they started growing foliage and they multiply amount of leaves every dark period.
The only thing that worries me they are nowhere near 4 Inches tall ? They are about an Inch and a Half.

They are in Coco-Coir what you can see on the leaves is Nute Burn when I fed them twice at day 8 and 9 but quickly stopped after receiving valuable advice.

Please advice :slight_smile:

One definition of vegetative stage is multi lobed leave - so by that you are there.

You probably already know, but Nute Burn is basically the WORST thing you can do to your plants. Much better to under feed than to over feed.