Has anyone watch the show murder mountain its on Netflix

Hey guys i started to watch this show called murder mountain :mountain_snow: theres been alot of people go missing over the years at this mountain ive only watch one episode so far but it looks very interesting let me know if you have seen it and ur views on this show and place

I’ve seen a few YouTube videos on it. That it is in Humboldt County is interesting. Lots of cannabis growing going on there. I refuse to patronize Netflix though. I won’t see the series unless it gets released somewhere else.


With ya on Netflix!


My wife and I just watched it. It’s pretty cool.

Whats the beef with netflix about ?

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@Aussie_autos I did and it was pretty intriguing. The Emerald Triangle ain’t no joke!!

Its not a place i would like to go to thats for sure i like my life