Has anyone used these lights?


They are some 360 degree lights i was thinking of hanging just above the scrog. Anyone have an opinion on them?

From what I’ve read here and elsewhere, there are a LOT of bogus LED grow lights out there, best to stick with reviewed products. I picked up a MarsHydro 130W (marketed as a “300W”) for $69 including free shipping on eBay. Works great so far, and there are a ton of good reviews out there on it. A much brighter, tested light for just $7 more! :wink:


Thanks for the advice, sounds pretty logical.

That is not a lot of power but, I like the design. Would love to see that used a side lamp for the under-canopy in order to increase yield of lower branches of buds. :slight_smile:

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I just ordered 2 very similar lights a couple of weeks ago & I’m pleased. My plants seem happy & are growing at a good pace but they are still young. I’m wondering how well these lights will cover the plants as the bush out & grow larger. I’m thinking I may have to order 4 to 5 more of these bulbs to get the coverage needed. Guess we’ll see as they develop but I definitely like the lights & they are very affordable too. Bear in mind I am a newbie tho :wink:

Yes i have . You have them to far from the the plant needs to be like 12 inches . But i use them now.