Has anyone used Easy Peasy's Muriate of Potash

I have been using Easy Peasy’s Muriate of Potash for a late flower booster on my last few grows and i keep having problems with over fertilizing. I should probably let go and use a more popular well know booster like Flower Power

But i essentially have a lifetime supply, so before i get rid of it i want to give it one more try lol

Has ANYONE had success using this product? If so, how much and what were your methods of application?

I used 1/4 tsp of pellets this time, and sprinkled them right on the soil. My medium small size Gorilla Glue handled it pretty but my super small gelato is experiencing some Nute Burn.


sorry, no experience

Hmm yeah it doesn’t seem very popular in the community…

What do you use for a phosphorus &/or Potassium boost in flower and on what weeks?

I don’t, sorry. Living soil