Has anyone used a product called “Fish Sh!t”?

It’s a soil conditioner… wondering if anyone has used it and could shed some info. Thanks in advance


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There web site is finally up and running. I received a free bottle from my local hydro store (I live in Boston on east coast) maybe they are a new company but this stuff is legit. It stinks like my old aquarium as a kid (the one I didn’t clean…ever) lol but I’m going to take the plunge add it to my feed today.

The guy the gifted me some s clones swears by it. It’s the ONLY thing on his nutes list besides pH’d water.
…he does have some nice plants going.:fish::poop:
My preference? :bat::bat::poop:+:sun_with_face::sun_with_face:+:sweat_drops::sweat_drops:= :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:


Cool, thanks for posting.
I use FF. O.f. Soil, really like how they have all the goodies a plant could need for the first few weeks. Then I use the Alaska line up (fish fert. 5.1.1/ Cal-Mag+ for veg) just used the soil conditioner “Fish sh!t” it says I can use every feed so we’ll see then throw in their Morbloom 0.10.10 during flower with other two every other feed…that’s scenario #1 lol going to see how it plays out his grow.


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Sorry wasn’t thinking

Update for a D.i.y…felt the smart pit stands were too expensive (not really lol :grin:) but I was in target with my wife and as I was zig zaging down halls keeping myself entertained and her annoyed :rofl: I came across the baking isle and these baking pans were .88 a piece… then I took out some frustration by drilling holes into them haha quick tip if you have a good drill bit you can go through more than one to save time but watch out for your thumb!


Got a free sample this past week.have been using in roots farm organic soil which i have 15 plants at 4 weeks in flower. Could notice swelling in the buds after the 2nd feeding. Will monitor more , but so far so good. Just throws p.h off a bit more…

I see those perforated pans under your grow bags…for air circulation I’m presuming? I’m using those plastic milk crates, the bottom is honey combed shaped holes in the bottom…but I’m wondering if you’ve ever tried putting your lights closer to your plants, and trying putting the lights at different angles to the plants so that more of the plant is getting direct light. I’ve only just started growing indoors, but I’ve never seen more bushier plants without having to pinch the tops to double up on colas. Try it…just sayin’…

…if you put them all on top of at least one square plastic milk crate (I’d use two crates high each), I bet those plants would bush out like Trump’s hair piece. A small oscillating fan wouldn’t hurt as well.

I used this Fish Shit my first year and it was the best crop this far. Only on year 3 and in flower right now so time will tell but the hydro store was giving out free samples since there was 3 of us i ended up with 3 bottles, while it did work well, you should be able to find other fish products for a fraction of the price (this stuff is EXPENSIVE) but you may n3ed to do some research.

You can use fish shit or tribus work about the same. I believe tribus comes out slightly cheaper.

I used it…not even sure it did anything to be honest. I really didn’t need it years and decades ago, although I’m sure it certainly doesn’t hurt your plants…a little pricy. Too be frank, if you happen to know people that have aquariums and have fish pets, ask them for their used water…it be free. Just sayin’, but I’m sure the Fish Sh!t folks will beg to differ.

If you use fishtank water - which I wouldn’t - make sure the Ph and PPMs are in line because you can destroy a plant in no time flat with that stuff. I’ve seen it happen more than once.