Has anyone used a mb machine


My wife got me a magic butter 2 machine bur won’t let me have it until Xmas lol but has anyone got any experience with this is does it work


@sirsmokes I think @AnneBonny does, and a few others I cant think of right now.


@Willd I think.


You give her a big hug! That’s an awesome Christmas gift🙂


I do have it. Got it for Christmas last year and have used it several times. Super easy - you’re going to love it @Sirsmokes. The only drawback is the 2 cup minimum so once I have a better supply after this harvest it will get more use. @Willd posted using his not too long ago on his journal I think.


She got it for christmas and said I cant have it until Christmas but I have a business trip and will be traveling with some coworkers and yep you guessed it so I need to make some edibles or some e cigarette juice


Sneak. Use it. Put back in box very neatly so she can wrap it up for Christmas! :rofl:
PS the aforementioned led to triple scotch tape after my mom caught me & my brother sneaking into presents :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol we have been there


That’s what I was thinking about but I’m not exactly sure of the date of trip. I know my job is upgrading the system starting in mid December but I’m not sure if we are going before or after the new year


I have an MB II machine. I have made oil, butter, glycerin tincture, and alcohol tincture. I typically make the coconut oil batches to maximum capacity each time which is 4 cups of oil. Neither butter nor vegetable glycerin yield nearly as much product as oil or alcohol. A lot more of it is absorbed by the plant matter using butter or vegetable glycerin. Close to half the vegetable glycerin was lost to absorption by the plant matter. I don’t recommend it unless you’re going to make it with concentrates. Coconut oil on the other hand… wonderful.


I agree with @Willd I was not impressed with the results with the glycerin. The alcohol tincture was ok - I need to fine tune that one I think next time I try it. Coconut oil is my definite go to for so many reasons so I haven’t done butter in it. Once I have enough trim or flower I will do a big batch of honey though. All in all @Sirsmokes I think you will enjoy it.