Has anyone used a food saver to cure?

I have a food saver I don’t think I have the piece to suck the air out of the jars but I do have the bags has anyone ever cured this way if so what is the best way to do it or is it even worth jacking with

I cure this way. Its done in 7 days

i put in glass jar with out them air tight. Take away chance of mold and the smell omg… brings everything out nicely


never heard of it…maybe you can sacrifice a bud for the science of it?

#1 thing dont let them get crushed. And this is an old thing. Its been done for years.

@Soilgrowth so you just put it in the glass jar without the Lid suck most of the air out do you ever Burp it

I vacuum all the air out burp one time a day for 7 days. And call it done. Burp each day. Let sit out for a few minutes and vac them again. It works so well you wont do it another way.


So what your saying is that you basically super cure them. With the vacation seal.
How does this method compare to the longer curing method???
Would it work with those space saver bags that you use a vacuum with. Maybe be able to do your whole harvest in one bag. @Soilgrowth

Thats what i use. And its better then slow cure. I almost dont lose any weight.

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Most import part. Never crush the bud. I get jars with rubber seals take out seal and it pulls out all the air.

Thrift store for my jars.

Also i hang dry at 69° and 60% humidity. It takes normally 5 days. With fan leaf trim only. And i push my plants on the drout at the end. So there nearish dry when i cut down. Last one i tried with wet soil weighed more.

Hummmmm gonna have to try this. Cause I have those space saver bags. An if it cuts down the down time between harvest and full cure then why not hey.

so…you vac it out,…then once a day you burp it and vac it out again?


Cuts it down 100% in time. That’s why i started it. I wash crushed in a street racing accident and some times can smoke up to 7 games or 1 gram of oil a day.

Yes exactly.

Do not use plastic only glass or ceramic. Plastic caused mold. It has bpa with promotes decay.

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okay…so space bags are out of the question then

No thats what I use to capsule the glass jar. Space saver bags. Select a size bags

okay…so you place a mason jar inside one of these…

so the trick is to not have the smoke come in contact with the plastic, only the glass…and you can use a jar without a lid on it?

No i use real vac bag.