Has anyone used a combination of sunlight and LED at night?

Hello to all. I have a question i cant seem to get answered. Ive been using this method since seedling but for flowering stage humidity is too high so theyre indoors. Will using this combination have any affect on bud growth and final yield even though theyre inside for flower? Heres my grow info.
2 Girlscout cookies extreme autoflower 45 days old.
20/4 light cycle with 12 hours of direct sunlight until first 2nd week of flower. Now under light for remainder at 20/4.
Soil 1/2 fox farm 1/4 ecoscraps potting mix 1/4 perlite.
Fox farm trio nutes 50% until week 2 of flower 100% currently.
Galaxyhydro 800watt COB 300 actual watts

my buddy did this method for stealth reasons and his yield was a tad light but it smoked like a champion .

make sure you have an oscillating fan inside to mimic the wind .

keep us all informed of your journey please. :cowboy_hat_face: