Has anyone used 1000watt leds

Hi first grow wondering if anyone’s using 1000 leds. If so are they OK for 5plants

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It all depends on the size of your grow space. What are your dimensions and what kind of light?


I use 2 450w Leds in a 3x3 tent, It gives a bit more coverage than 1 900w. (For comparison to below, each one draws about 185W from the wall)

Don’t let a cheap price get ya, a lot of those rather cheap 1000w ones only draw about 200w from the wall (example-- the Bestva 1000w only $115 - Avg. Power Draw: 185W, you would need at least 2 of these in a 3x3 tent)

So without knowing exactly what LED you are referring to, the answer is probably no. Any will grow plants, but the buds would not be what they could be…


@Oldie, they’re not 1000 watt if they’re on Amazon or eBay or the Chinese sites. They’re 1000w which is some bogus number that makes them sound like a good light. My $120 600w has better light at 300 real watts and I still have to have 3 of them for a 4’ x 5’ flowering area.

Exactly, a perfect example was in another thread where someone posted an Amazon link to something which pulled 138W, was claimed to be equal to a 250W HID and that made it a 300W fitting.

It’s a minefield out there for those who are not careful


Be careful with what you get I have 300 w led lights that are more actual watts that a 1000 w led that I have. Just pay attention as to what you are getting. Light spectrum that the lights put out are also different. I have 2 1000 w lights that I don’t use and I filled my space with 5 300 led instead of bigger lights because I can move these to get the foot print and light where I need and want it

Hi first of all thanks for all the replies. My grow space is 3x3.2ft I’ve got 1000led.carbon filter. Plants are in home base fertiliser and I’ve got some big bud for when the flower. I’ll try and put a pic of them on. Are they ready to start flowering.

And yea listening to you guys love probably not researched enough before setting up

Hard to tell until we see a picture of her :wink:

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