Has anyone tripped out on weed either by smoking or edibles

Hi guys heres something for yous all has anyone ever tripped out on weed whether u smoked it or had edibles i know i have twice ive seen jim Morrison coming out of a poster and that was from smoking and from edibles I’ve seen a piece of pizza talking to me ,share ur wacky experiences with tripping out on marijuana


I’ve only seen that type of stuff on acid or mushrooms. In the 60s and 70s acid was way easier to get, so mushrooms were much harder to find unless you knew which ones to look for. Those are mostly amenita muscaria (red with white dots), the ones in the 60s I got were mostly the light bownish type with smaller caps.

Sometimes if I smoke a lot I’ll see color rays coming from the lights, but I attribute that more to psychedelics more than cannabis. I’m sure the cannabis doesn’t help that.

I’d like to emphasize here, I have never been arrested in my life. I have never seen the inside of a jail and I turned 63 recently. I’m not advocating drug use, because of it I always hid my cannabis habit from my kids. Mostly for my wife, but now we all have a much better understanding of it all. I believe my son is seeing the same thing as me, that cannabis is much safer than alcohol and that especially goes for driving.

Heck for that matter Amazon is learning the same thing claiming they will not test for THC due to difficulties in hiring…so you tell me?

What I know is I can grow and have my own cannabis in the state I was born, and raised in, and where I plan to retire… :blush:

In closing I would say if you feel uncomfortable at any point, you shouldn’t use so much. I find with Kush I get a headache if I smoke too much, and I don’t like that type of high.


That happened when is was 20yrs old im now 45 when i was 20yrs old hydro was just coming out and alot of people were lacing the buds with something

Congrats on never being behind the bars💪

I’ve tripped and became weirdly acquainted with my lawn and carpet more than once, and stayed there talking for a while… Does that count. Convos about gravity how comfy it is now, down here.


My 1st smoke was at 17, bout from a buddy down the street. He said he careful this is hydro. F if I knew what that meant! Well bought 3 js and yes I tripped balls. All night. I’d eattin plenty of acid before that, it’s what was around.
My buddy a year or so later smoked with me and he was driving. He stopped in the middle of the road and I was like duuuude what are you doing the stop sign is up there. He said… It said stoooooop, so I did🙃


Thank you, I do take pride in that. I have a few good stories, I once thought I was coming home on a plane from Japan, but a last minute twist left me going to the restroom and sticking my bud in my sock. There have been some close calls, taking a hit off a big bowl as a law enforcement office rolls up beside you…I have even been pulled over while smoking when I was about 19 and talked my way out of a ticket.

Clint Eastwood said it best, “A man’s gotta know his limitations…”. :slight_smile:


Ive never been behind bars i guess ive been lucky but however i have been brought back to life three times cause someone put datura in my coffee with out me knowing and i lost my eye sight for awhile the cops pick me and my girlfriend at the time up and took us to the watch house and they realised something was wrong with us so they took us to the hospital and i was pronounce dead on arrival and they brought me back and then I died again then they brought me back again and then I died for a third time and the third time they got me back and I was fine my girlfriend was tripping balls hard core she was seeing our friends heads on a shelf in her hospital room .when this happened is was only young the cops couldnt do anything to the person that done this to us ,so i went and seen the person and broke his nose in three places

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Only ever had those experiences with other substances, never "tripped " on weed. I’ve had horrible headaches, can’t stay awake, made my self sick from eating everything in the house, laughed so much my face hurt and some more stuff I probably don’t remember :rofl:

But never any actual hallucinations :man_shrugging:


I’ve smoked weed before that made me sit down, and when I first started smoking regular like around 1983 I remember getting high and laying on the bed with those giant, coil wired headphones on, listening to Pink Floyd - Animals and literally going to the window and yelling at a dog…while the song “Dogs” was playing.
I also remember using the same set up and feeling like I was slowly flipping, backwards heels over head, through open space while listening to Dark Side.
Now and days I’m happy with a good “swoon” or two with a nice “echo” afterwards!

I wouldn’t really call that tripping by comparison to actual tripping on cubensis though.
Ended up inside a aquarium on those! Or so I thought!! LOL!
Mezcal and cubensis make for a hell of a night! :rofl:


I love pink Floyd I like there comfortably numb I love listening to the doors ,Sabbath and Alice in chains and Metallica and violent femmes and midnight oil , INXS


If I had all the weed I’ve smoked while listening to Pink Floyd all in front of me right now - I wouldn’t have to grow for 3 years!! LOL!!
Love The Doors too!!

I love all kinds of music - IF it’s good! :joy:

The first band I think I truly fell in love with was Styx.

“I look to the sea,
reflections in the waves, spark my memory,
Some happy, some sad.
I think of childhood friends,
and the dreams we had.”

The first song quote I ever wrote on a notebook at school when I was bored! :rofl: :rofl:

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Mate i wish i could of seen the doors back in the day when they were young and just starting out unfortunately jim died the year i was born.i just would of loved to of been around in the hippy times

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I was like 2.5.
Jimi died the day before I turned 3. :frowning_face:

So sad that he died he would be still the rock god of today

My 1st question is did you buy the weed or grow it??? If purchased who know what in it! Back in the 60’s I remember pot being “laced” with all kinds of shit. Had some Columbian that after smoked once I thru it away as it had something in it that was freakie strong.

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Watched Wizard of OZ dubbed with Pink Floyd Dark side of the Moon. ripped by oil and our own smoke with ear buds. I was out there enjoying all because I can be free. It’s on Youtube


I never got to see the Doors, or Hendrix for that matter, I was just a bit too young. Born in '58 I was only 11 during the summer of love ('69), but Cali was a pretty wild place going through high school in the '70s. Acid was everywhere, at concerts people would be selling acid. I saw Pink Floyd Animals in Anaheim stadium sometime in the '70s, there was people selling acid by the dozens. I was a hippie then, I still am, just that I have short hair (what’s left of it) nowadays. If you saw me on the street you wouldn’t have a clue I smoke daily.

My son almost rented a room in the “Treehouse” when he was attending UCLA. For those that don’t know, Jim Morrison lived in the Treehouse when he was attending UCLA. It has a tree growing through the house/apartment(s). The room my son was looking at renting was really small, it was literally a tad bigger than a closet and they wanted about $1000/mo, so we passed. Had it been just a bit bigger, he would have taken it. That is one party house/apartment(s), that place is always lit with music and dozens of people in the evening.

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Look for the mash-up of Echos and Contact w/Jodie Foster. It’s pretty good too!

I’ve got The Dark Side of Oz on DVD! I downloaded it from the Pirate Bay and made a DVD so I could watch it in surround sound years ago.
Now with smart TVs and all the new tech I don’t need to burn anything anymore to get the best sound - Cast to Device is one of the best things ever!!

I got some street weed in 2019 that was laced with something. I threw it out.

This is one of the things I love about growing my own. I know what is in it.