Has anyone tried Water Wicking?

Curious, has anyone in FFOF ever tried water wicking? Thinking about trying it but I’m a newbie and don’t want to screw the girls up. Any thoughts?


I know a lot of folks who build a wicking system when using air pots since they have no way of seeping up the excess after a watering. Seems to work really well for them.

These plants require too much water for that, I’d think.

Maybe Hucho has a possible solution…

That’s pretty cool stuff. I had initially thought about going that route. Might try it later on. Got to figure out these basics first. Think I killed my seedling. Cooked her and she died from lack of water.

I’m in the process of similar experiments… I have not tried wicking but I feel like it might work. I have previously used blumat carrots with great success… I have a lot of aquariums and fill the reservoir with dirty aquarium water.

I just bought some more carrots… I’m going to do it again, but this time I’m going to put Jacks 20-20-20, at 1/4 strength, in the water so they’re on a continuous feed. Switching to 10-30-20 for flower… Mine is gravity fed, but I think I’ve seen some blumat carrots that don’t require that… Mine not even require it… Honestly I don’t know… I haven’t looked… the only place I can put the water is “up” because of space issues… It worked great though… I was really paranoid about it for a while, but if you sit and watch them, they work really well

Not the best picture, but the water reservoir is a 5 gallon home Depot bucket that sits just out of the picture in the right closet… In the left closet, just out of frame, is a window ac unit… There’s an air intake w/ fan between to closets… I want to be able to shut those closet doors and not open them for a couple weeks( not that I could possibly do that, but you know)


Wow, that’s pretty cool. I’m space confined, so to speak and I know eventually I won’t be able to “reach” plants very well in the back corner. I want to make sure they’re getting what they need with water and nutes. I’m in a 5x5.

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Welcome to the community ! :v:

Thank you! Glad to be here. I’ve learned a lot by reading journals and such. Kind-of going at it with you pros workings and forming my own creation. Very open to suggestions and helps. Thanks for your ideas and suggestions folks.

@Atypo Welcome to the Class! Customize your grow with the knowledge nuggets you find in here and make it your own!!!

Mine are 36"x20"x63". Because of the extra vert space in the closet Ive been able to give them ideal conditions, because of the AC, while keeping the doors closed… The heat from the lights was making it really hot in those small spaces. I couldn’t get it below 95 with the doors closed… Now the temp, even on the hottest of days(closet is located on exterior wall) stays below 80° in the day and drops to 61° at night. I know in a lot of places in the country it gets into the 50s outside at night… I’m in VA… We don’t get those big day/night temp fluctuations like out west. The blumat system worked great… I didn’t use them the past couple grows in there… That was only because I’m super excited about my new hobby and wanted a more hands on role for a bit ie:watering, feeding, etc… I’m going back… They really are effective and filling a reservoir is a lot easier than any method of manual watering. The ladies are sleeping right now, but tomorrow I’ll try to put up a better pic of the closets with the doors open

I’m east coast also. I’m having a terrible time keeping my humidity up. It’s staying right at 40. I’ve lowered my fan speeds. I’m still in seedling stage, so I’m on the struggle bus figuring the watering. Not to mention, my heat has jumped to 87. I’m at 24in and 80% on a Vipersprectra XS4000. Wondering if I should get a standalone ac? Got to do some research on here today see if I can get some answers.

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It is definitely a balancing act trying to keep temps down and provide ample light at the same time… I used to leave the doors open because I couldn’t keep the temps down… That really sucked because I have 3 aquariums in there… The algae in them was growing ridiculously quickly because of the grow lights. The AC unit I have vented through the left wall… It goes into my water heater/ ac/furnace closet. There’s an air intake in there so as long as I leave the fan on, that heat gets sucked right outside… I am going to put another 5 gallon bucket in the closet with the tent

… There’s going to be 2 plants in there on my next grow and I want them to have their own reservoir. That is solely for info purposes… I want to know how much each is drinking individually.

My humidity stays in the 50% area… Not sure how much of a difference it makes

Also, I am going to put weather stripping around interior of left closet to seal out/in light… I’m just vegging in there currently so it hasn’t been an issue yet

That’s really cool the way you have that set up. Let me know how she is drinking. I bought a big humidifier today, hopefully that’ll help with the rh. Thanks for the help!

If you really want to bottom feed, get an autopot and switch to coco

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Don’t you have to nute every water using that? I may switch to that at some point. I’m still trying to figure out if I’m reading these meters correctly. Newbie problems, lol.