Has anyone tried this brand?

Anyone know of this brand?

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I bought an Aglex a few years ago. It went in the trash bin pretty quickly.

I don’t trust Aglex. I wrote an bad review on the one I bought and the company offered me money ($50 USD) to delete my review, even though my review was technically accurate. They are dishonest.

The 3000W is actually only a 650W light and the spectrum is substandard. The product is misrepresented by the seller. Again - dishonesty.

Good lighting is very important for quality flower. I would recommend an HLG or other light made with Samsung LM301 diodes.


Thanks. Just looking for the next area or upgrading my 4x4 to flower.

Two HLG 260XL Rspecs are perfect for a 4x4. I ran 3 of them when I had a 4x4.

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Isn’t the 600r too?

I recommended 260XLs because it gives you some flexibility to move lighting around, but the 600 is a good light too.