Has anyone tried adding extra red leds for flowering?

This is the sort of thing. I’m think of adding one either side of my led grow light for flowering. Just wondering if anyone has used them before and if it was worth it? I think my 1200w led is powerful enough with the right light spectrums but I was thinking these might help with bud growth.

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Absolutely!! Adding a deep red is great for helping density and overall flower development! I recently added some far red 660nm strips to my light to help in flower!

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Amazing I was hoping someone would reply with something like that. I’ve not seen it done in any grow setup, just wondering why more people are not doing it.


Well, to be honest, alot of people don’t educate themselves far enough in lighting to realize that. Alot of people also have “full spectrum” lights and call it good. There are a handful that ive seen dabble with supplemental lighting. Far blues that are closer to UV lighting also help to boost tricome production late in flower. Most common add on I see people do is adding UV bulbs in their tents.

This was my light I grew my first plants with

And this is after I added the 660nm strips. I haven’t used it yet though but I’m itching to!!


Looks like a PLC knockoff :joy::joy::joy:

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Haha you would say that lmfao

What’s funny is that this light and the PLC strips share the same diodes haha

As in Samsung diodes. These cutter strips are the LH351B diodes but the QB boards are the LM301b’s

Salutations Snowman2,

That’s what i once became curious about after a reading on some 2-level “ionic pump” mechanism taking place in the leaves:

[ https://www.google.ca/search?q=Chlorophyll+“2-Level”+Ionic+Pump&tbm=isch ]
Google Images: Chlorophyll “2-Level” Ionic Pump

[ https://www.google.ca/search?q=Photosynthesis+Antenna+Calvin+Benson+680+700+550+559&tbm=isch ]
Google Images: Photosynthesis Antenna Calvin Benson 680 700 550 559

This 2-steps process apparently explained why chlorophyll would much prefer dual-peak illumination, which in turn may be what makes some products more suitable than others. My reasoning being that perhaps there can be other necessary synergies to account for as well, go figure…

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol: