Has Anyone Seen This?!


Hi Everyone,
I’ve never posted before, so I hope my photo comes through. I came out to water my plants today and one of them looked like this. The bark and cambium layer were completely blown out all the way around the trunk. It’s 100 degrees F out today, but my other 7 plants look ok. I’ve never seen this on any plant before ever, and I’m an avid gardener. We do have squirrels, but other than that, nothing I know could do this damage.

Thanks for any help you might be able to give, I think the plant’s doomed.



Was this damage done overnight?

@Marcia looks as if something chewed on it! Is there a hole through to the Cambium? That being the very center. Look for a exit hole, if it is possible a “cut worm” got to it! Still looks like gnaw marks to me!

It does look like gnaw marks! Damned squirrels. It’s probably them. They eat my tomatoes too.



Yeah I feed them Hickory nuts, Walnuts and Planters and they still tear into my “maters”! Maybe you could set a trap for them? Welcome to the ILGM forum. Lots of knowledge at your disposal here, hope you enjoy!
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If I had a choice of wild hickory nuts of canibus …
well I cant blame the squirrels. I think they are sending you a message, they want buds not nuts.

Thanks for the warm welcome. Looking forward to learning more…always! I talked to someone today who suggested it was probably a squirrel sharpening his teeth. This makes sense. Not much plant material was missing…just shredded.


Thats crappy! There is no way to keep squirrels away from weed! Lest ye be trapping and shooting!

If the majority of the cambium is still intact the plant should survive. May lose a branch or 2 ?

I’m so lucky: my wife feeds the squirrels peanuts and they stay away from my stalks.


You got yourself a tree there! Nice plant

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Lucky for me, I have a squirrelinator. It’s a live trap, but I have to kill them because we have soooo many squirrels and it’s the only way. I guess I need to drag it out and put some bait in it. :disappointed: