Has anyone had consistent results germinating in rockwool?

I’m growing entirely in hydro now (DWC) and my preference would be to germinate in rockwool to simplify the transition to the net pot. I have a rockwool seedling tray with humidity dome, and I’m using Clonex seed starter and cloning solution as well as a seedling heat. This setup works great for cloning. Not so much for germinating.

Does anyone know of a tried and true method for germinating in rockwool, or have another recommendation?

You will probably want to get some rapid rooter seed starting pods. You can even get them on amazon. I suggest you check them out

Soak seeds in distilled water with 1/2 teaspoon of peroxide. When seeds show a tail transfer into rockwool that has been soaked then squeezed out almost dry. Place seed no more than 1/2" down and into a 24/0 light schedule with a dome on top. That works extremely well.


Thank you. I will give that a try.

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Just highlighting to also mention soak your rockwool in 5.8 pH solution before you plant the beans. My rockwool has been incredibly alkaline in the past.

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The guy from hydro buckets starts his seeds in damp paper towel and when they have a long tap root he carefully places each one in rockwool round pucks they have a split going right down to the bottom what he does he opens up the split in the rock wool plug and he carefully lays a seedling in there with the tap root coming out the bottom of the puck Visionary Hydroponics Inc on Instagram: "Paper towel to rockwool plugs and hydroton. @homegrownworld Pine Auto grown by @icangrowbro NDS. Educational Only. Consult your local laws before growing Cannabis. #visionaryhydroponics #hydrobucket #hydrolid #hydropod #itsbetter #seedstarting #cannabisseeds #autoflower #ruderalis #homegrown #growyourown #homegrowncannabisco #seedlings #cannabisgarden #indoorcannabis #indoorgarden #mygarden #tutorial #howto #howidoit #rockwool #hydroton #netpot #madeincanada #miicrobialmass #fishshit #entrepreneur #letsgrow" go and have a look at this link and u will see how its done

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