Has anyone grown Gold Leaf?


If anyone has grown Gold Leaf, can you tell me if you’ve found anything that would help it grow the best it can or any other advice in growing this strain.
I’m growing in a 2.5 squared by 5 ft tent. My soil is fox farms oceans forest with other additives. Nutrients are ILGM marijuana booster, cal-mag and teas for foliar spraying. Lights are for germination 1 2ft 4 bulb t5 fixture. For veg and flower 2 Platinum Series P300 LEDs. Thanks for any help.


I too am growing GL with a 4 ft t5 light, along with booster set. So I also am looking to max it out. Will follow along on this one. So I do not have anything to help you out, but will keep eyes open on forum. I am flowering with the light system said above. Maybe someone can lead me to a led light for flowering. Take care.


Cool prt420. Great to see someone else growing this strain. Mine hasn’t popped from the soil yet but I germinated it in a glass of water last Thursday. Should be any time.
As for the LED situation there are lots of different lights out there with every conceivable price range. Mine are mid level with great reviews that’s why I went with those. Go to YouTube and search LEDs to find comparisons. Also Amazon or eBay are good as they usually have reviews about them. I pay more attention to them than the products own website. Good luck


I haven’t yet had a grow with this strain yet but I think a scrog would be one of the higher yeilding methods with this plant.


Waiting on mine :slight_smile:


Thanks MacG & Latewood. I was thinking when I was typing the question at the time that this might be a long shot as it is a new strain. I will be keeping a diary of this grow so I’ll have a record of what I screwed up on to do better on the next grow. :stuck_out_tongue:


Far right is my gold leaf. Looks good to me, what do you think?


Hey prt420, lookin great!:smiley: I envy you guys with your big tents on lotsa plants. I’m just growing 2 plants. All I can really handle right now. Ones Gold Leaf, the other is another shot at White Widow. Plan on doing much better this time around. Both popped from the soil this morning and so far so good. I’m on my 5th seed of the GL. The other 4 died. I was trying to go all organic but I’m still not sure what the hell the deal was with that crap I got. It says it’s safe for seedlings but that was shite. Now I’m going with what has not failed me. Miracle Grow!:wink: I know what people say about it but it has popped the beans every time, as long as I don’t kill them by stupidity like my first grows. Impatients is all it was then. But like this time, live and learn. Yours look great so don’t be shy to let me know what’s working for you. It would be much appreciated on this end. Take care and God bless.


Prt420, I forgot to ask. Did you go with an led? If so wich one did you settle on? If not were you still considering one? Mine are about mid range in price but great reviews. I know it’s more than I need but when we get a house I plan to expand a bit. You also might want to consider the Marshydro line. I’ve seen a bunch of YouTube vids and everyone seems very pleased with them. They don’t have the UV or IR diodes in their spectrum, but as far as the UV goes a person could always get a decent light chord with a UV bulb. A 700 watt unit runs about $350 on Amazon. Just a thought.


I am using a 4 ft. t5 4 bulb full spectrum which I purchased from home depot online. As you can see, it is working fine. I am unsure of the best specs for led so am on hold right now. paid $100.00 for t5 lights. Just bought a new tent on groupon for $65.00, so a new light is in my future. I am growing WW in a galvanized garbage can to start till it gets nice here outside in Midwest USA Roberts booster set is what nutes I am using. Good luck with yours…


Hi MacG. Got 5.5 pz premium bud from my first Gold Leaf. Got (5) Gold Leaf and (3) Super Skunk (front) vegging the SCROG. I’ll start a post under Picgures for updates.


I picked upGalaxyhydro™ LED Full Spectrum 600w White Color 9-band LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant Growing

this on amazon for $242. So far it is doing fine on my WW. see pic. Will start flowering in a few weeks, once 2nd tent is up


Nice light, I am thinking about getting one of the cheaper ebay 300 watts for when I flower next and hope to have near 5 plants. Is MarsHydro or GalaxyHydro any better than the cheaper ones or are they all the same? I know they all come from china.


<img src=far right gold leaf****"/uploads/growingmarijuana/463/5459e317bc9b7ca6.jpg" width=“666” height=“500”>


far right goldleaf****


Be careful on what LED you get from I’ve read there is some cheaper knock offs that don’t use good LEDS
most times you get what you pay for


Thanks. I will do some research and see what I can find. Too bad the good LED companies are so spendy.


If you want a led light , advance led lights is by far thee best . They have dimmeable switches for vegging and flowering . The have 5 watt Cree diodes and also 10 watt Cree diodes . The diamond series is good but they new XTE light which I have a 200 series is worth every penny , I have yet to get through a full grow yet , replace the 400 watt that came with my set up with the XTE advance light and it’s a big difference . What ever watts advance say it’s regulated at , it’s dead on or not far off , but the lights or the truth . Black dog led lights are good , California solar storms are good and Kind led lights are good , but advance led lights are above them all in par , spectrum , and intensity .


I can’t argue with anything Yoshi has said about those LED companies, all the best, and I also agree Advanced is the cream of the crop. You can’t go wrong with any of those companies, but they are way over priced.

You can find equivalent models, more or less, from certain Chinese companies for maybe as much as half or more off the price, but if you do go that route, you need to do tons of research and even-then, buyer beware.


For what I paid for the first light & tent with hydro bucket setup , started using it and was getting alright growth with the light , but after seeing the specs on the advance light and the warranty guarantee for 3 years , I thought it would give me better chances on accomplishing a successful grow , and compared to every other light from halide to led the advance light finished 2 weeks earlier to harvest than any other model and the density of buds was more than the competition. I’m total impressed with the light and the range it gives with simulating early spring spectrum , early summer , late summer , and fall . That sold me , it was only $123 more than what I paid for the other lights and setup .