Has anyone grew wedding cake or cherry pie? Photos n r seeds from ILGM. Anything i should know that will help me

Im just asking cuz 8 have 4 plants going 2 GSC 1 wedding cake 1 cherry pie. The GSC r doing good look nice n healthy but the other two look off. Does anyone know if wedding cake n cherry pie r big eaters?

Can’t help with feedback but I’m curious about Cherry Pie so I think I will follow along. Plan on doing a tasty strain or two down the road. Sticking to my legal 4 plant limit shouldn’t be too bad harvest wise but more would be better variety wise. Even more so during this learning phase of growing weed.

Good luck with your grow!

Yes, I think the wedding cake more so then the cherry pie. My cherry pies are short and bushy. The wedding cake and GSC have been taller with more spread. All 3 showed great harvest foliage with my indoor organic grow, Been curing and sampling both. :+1:t3::+1:t3:

Just grew wedding cake. I was graced with a pink pheno that will be kept around.