Has anyone got reviews on the hlg 350r

I’ve recently purchased the 350r and can’t find any reviews… please help…

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Look at their website directly as the have 11 reviews there. In fact a simple Google search and I found them.

Amazon… https://www.amazon.com/Horticulture-Lighting-Group-Quantum-Certified/dp/B08KYNTRWN

look in your tent & you won’t need any reviews, your plants will be smiling. That beats any review you’ll ever find. I have a 350 r & it gives me nice buds, the only problem I had was the dimmer was bad I called them & said I could replace it & it was at my mailbox in 2 days. I also have a 650 scorpion diablo from them & a uv bar all great products IMO.


If a person is going to use these lights do you need to buy the “r” and the “b” in those lights if you use em?

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Delete that comment…

Not really talkin bout the ppfd, im looking at the 650r and it says look at 550 V2 Bspec for veg…which tells me id have to buy a separate “b spec” light for the veg part if i wanted to run these lights?

Did you comment prior to looking at it? Doesn’t seem very confusing, they plot over 4x4. Seemed like numbers are higher at what would be longer ends of fixture as opposed to narrow.

I had a different map in mind, I wrote my comment, double checked, then felt my comment needed deleting. I make stupid comment.

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here’s a list of the dimmer switch settings that hlg tech sent me.

Hello, here is the proper operation of a 350 dimmer.

350dimmer draw











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No big deal. Personally i don’t pay a lot of attention to the maps. But it made me go look, and I was kinda scratching my head a little.

The B spec lights are best for just vegging. I have 2 R spec’s and they do great both vegging & flowering. I have thought I might get a B spec cuz I want to keep a mother plant around for awhile.

Your R-Spec light will take you through veg and flower no problem.


Rspec any one will do seed to weed :ok_hand:
B spec will even go seed to weed but it’s got more blue then red youd want more red for flower but it will work absolutely fine


Thanks @kellydans and @fano_man !


Ive been looking for that, and distance per stage w 350r. Any input on that aspect? Hung mine last night.

notice the tape measure!


Seems 1 would be 60watts as that’s least wattage of the 350r? Half turn of dimmer basically 200 Watts. No?

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Don’t know, it’s what HLG sent me in a E-mail when I asked what the power was at each click.

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Yes, that is exactly rite. I just didn’t know that a few hours ago. I posted on the 2 plant tent topic just a few ago, what my buddy at hlg told me on dimmer position and distance per grow stage. Check it out. Very general guide he said depending on your particular situation. Keep us from nuking the girls! I hadn’t even powered mine up till tonight! First notch was nothing. Not sure Diff between all way off, and first notch. Im talking to him Monday anyways about something else, so i will ask. Good connection I made with him. Personal cell even. Not sure why, but ill take it! Cranked up that thing is scarey! I guess u heard bout the refurb lamp with foreign cord, turning into a brand new lamp?

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best bet is a watt meter

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